'You Can Generate Any Footage': Ashton Kutcher Shares Views On AI In Filmmaking, Experience Of Using Sora Tool

Ashton Kutcher recently tried his hands on Sora, a generative video tool, and looks at it as the future of filmmaking.

Published on Jun 08, 2024  |  08:51 PM IST |  49.4K
Ashton Kutcher about Sora generative video tool
Ashton Kutcher (Getty)

Following the latest trend of artificial intelligence, even Ashton Kutcher has now tried his skills on Sora. Sora is OpenAI’s generative video tool that, in the past, created buzz in the film industry. 

As per the actor who portrayed the legendary role of Steve Jobs in his biopic Jobs, the AI tool could bring a huge revolution in the future of filmmaking.

Ashton Kutcher about Sora  

The No String Attached actor recently got into a deep conversation with former Google CEO Eric Schmidt. During their discussion at the Berggruen Salon in Los Angeles, Ashton Kutcher mentioned that he had tried his hands on a beta version of Sora.  

Calling it “pretty amazing,” the actor went on to explain the extreme potential this AI tool has. “You can generate any footage that you want,” Kutcher added while mentioning that the tool creates “good 10, 15-second videos” that seem super real. 

However, the generative video tool “makes mistakes” and cannot understand physics, said the Dude, Where’s My Car? Actor.

Talking about the improvements the tool has made, Kutcher stated that compared to its previous generation “that existed one year ago,” Sora performs quite well. While mentioning its quality, the My Boss’s Daughter actor stressed that the footage created from it could be used in a “major motion picture or a television show.”


The actor also explained how it could save “thousands of dollars,” stating that a shot of a house for a scene in a serial could just be created for $100 with the help of this tool.

Ashton Kutcher generating action scenes

While talking about the remarkable stuff Sora can achieve, Kutcher stated that he doesn't need to have a stunt double to shoot “Action scenes of me jumping off of this building.” “You could just go do it (with AI),” he stated. 

The Your Place or Mine actor also stated that he prompted the tool to create footage that shows a person running away from the desert sandstorm. 

Sora, “in five minutes, rendered a video of an ultramarathoner running across the desert being chased by a sandstorm. And it looks exactly like that,” the star mentioned.

Kutcher added that with the help of heavy processors from Nvidia, video-generating tools such as Sora could become exponentially better.


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Who is Ashton Kutcher married to?
Ashton Kutcher is married to Mila Kunis.

How old is Ashton Kutcher ?
Born on February 7 , 1978, Ashton Kutcher is 46 years old.

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