Alaya F reveals being fat and skinny shamed: ‘Been questioned about my body type all the time’

Alaya F shared her experiences of facing criticism for her body size, revealing instances of being shamed for being both fat and skinny.

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Alaya F reveals being fat and skinny shamed: ‘Been questioned about my body type all the time’
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Alaya F, known for her debut in the Saif Ali Khan-led film Jawaani Jaaneman, has consistently been outspoken about her opinions. Recently, she candidly discussed facing body-shaming during her upbringing, revealing experiences of being criticized for both weight gain and weight loss.

Alaya F talks about being fat and skinny shamed

In an interview with India Today, Alaya F revealed that she has experienced both fat-shaming and skinny-shaming. Reflecting on her encounters with judgment regarding her appearance, she remarked, “This is indeed a competitive industry. We all have our insecurities about our appearances and how we look but let’s admit that we are also way beyond how we look."

She further added, "My character in Bade Miyan Chote Miyan was also about that. Also, personally, for me, I have never always looked this way. Growing up I was a healthy kid. I was overweight, and I was fat-shamed all the time.”

Alaya F on prioritizing self-care

Alaya F also revealed that her current appearance is a result of prioritizing self-care and regular exercise, leading to weight loss. However, despite reaching her desired physique, she continues to face criticism for being too thin. She expressed frustration at the ongoing cycle of judgment, having experienced both fat-shaming and skinny-shaming.


The Srikanth actress also highlighted her concern about the misconception that achieving her appearance requires starving oneself. She expressed how these misunderstandings deeply trouble her, fearing that they may lead others towards unhealthy habits in pursuit of a similar look. She emphasized her desire to discourage such detrimental approaches to attaining a certain appearance.

Alaya concluded by reflecting on her past, stating that prior to her current physique, she was 10 kilograms heavier, which significantly showed on her frame due to her height. This occurred during her time studying in New York, where her diet primarily consisted of junk food for all meals, leading to inevitable weight gain. She also confessed to feeling insecure about her noticeably large knees during that period.

“I have had my own share of insecurities but as someone who was heavier earlier and thin now, I have been questioned about my body type all the time but trust me, these things don’t affect me at all because I prioritize self-care a lot and I believe in cutting out all the external noise,” Alaya said. 


Alaya F on professional front

Meanwhile, Alaya entered the film industry with Jawaani Jaaneman alongside Saif Ali Khan. She subsequently appeared in various films such as Freddy, Always Pyaar With DJ Mohabbat, and U-Turn. Recently, she starred in Srikanth alongside Rajkummar Rao and Jyotika. 

Prior to that, she was part of Bade Miyan Chote Miyan, sharing the screen with Akshay Kumar, Tiger Shroff, Manushi Chillar, and others. Alaya is the granddaughter of Kabir Bedi and the daughter of Pooja Bedi and businessman Farhan Ebrahim Furniturewala.

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