Juhi Chawla celebrates daughter Jahnavi Mehta's birthday by planting 1000 trees; 'Love and grace always'

In celebration of her daughter Jahnavi Mehta's 23rd birthday, Juhi Chawla shares a heartfelt promise to plant 1000 trees. It's a touching gesture worth admiring!

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Juhi Chawla celebrates daughter Jahnavi Mehta's birthday by planting 1000 trees; 'Love and grace always'
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Juhi Chawla, a phenomenal actress and timeless beauty, captivated millions of hearts in the 90s and continues to be a prominent figure in the film industry. Known for her love for nature, she opts for eco-friendly celebrations on special occasions. Instead of extravagant birthday festivities or gifts, she pledges to plant trees for those she wishes to honor. She encourages her fans to follow suit, opting for tree planting instead of sending gifts for her own birthday. On her daughter Jahnavi Mehta's birthday today, Juhi pledged to plant 1000 trees to celebrate the occasion.

Juhi Chawla plants 1000 trees on Jahnavi Mehta's birthday

On Jahnavi Mehta's 23rd birthday, Juhi Chawla took to her Instagram to share heartfelt wishes. Alongside a beautiful family photo featuring herself, her daughter, husband Jay Mehta, and son Arjun Mehta, Juhi expressed love and blessings for her baby girl. Promising to plant 1000 trees in her honor, the caption exuded warmth and affection, symbolizing the deep bond between mother and daughter.

It read, "A 1000 trees for my little girl Haapppyyy Bbirrtthhddayyy Jahnavi …!!! God bless you and shower you with Love and Grace always ..!!Bbiiigggg huugggg Sweets @jahnavi_mehta." Take a look:

On Jahnavi's 22nd birthday, the Son of Sardaar actress poured her heart out with a touching gesture. She compiled a heart-melting montage video brimming with countless cherished childhood memories of her beloved daughter. The video also offered glimpses of Juhi’s younger son, Arjun Mehta, and her husband, Jay Mehta, reminiscing about their family vacations and special moments together.


Alongside this heartfelt post, Juhi made a profound pledge to plant a thousand trees, expressing her fervent hope that Jahnavi and her generation would inherit a world with clean air, abundant wildlife, and boundless joy. Sharing this emotional tribute on her official Instagram account, Juhi captioned it with profound sincerity, “ For my little doll Jahnavi, a 1000 trees on her birthday, in the hope and wish that she and all her generation, breathe clean air, have birds, butterflies, and squirrels to laugh and play with. Happy Birthday,” followed by a handful of star emojis.

In addition to her remarkable acting prowess, Juhi is widely acclaimed for her unwavering dedication to environmental conservation. The veteran actress leverages special occasions such as birthdays to contribute to nature preservation efforts. Explaining her motivation behind this initiative, Juhi revealed to Hindustan Times that the lockdown during the Covid-19 crisis was a blessing in disguise, leading to cleaner cities and the delightful sound of birds chirping in her garden.

However, with the resurgence of traffic and pollution, she keenly senses the return of harmful fumes. Reflecting on these changes, Juhi emphasizes the importance of considering future generations and encourages everyone to prioritize environmental conservation for the sake of their children.

Concerns about plastic pollution further fueled her determination to take action. Understanding the grave implications of micro-plastics on both the environment and human health, she embarked on her mission to raise awareness and promote sustainable living. For the Yes Boss actress, the lockdown served as a wake-up call, prompting a shift in perspective towards prioritizing nature and the well-being of future generations. She advocates for greater mindfulness and collective action to safeguard our precious planet for generations to come.

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