Stray Kids' Lee Know joins World Vision’s Bob Pierce Honor Club as youngest member

Stray Kids' Lee Know earns a remarkable honor as the youngest member of World Vision's Bob Pierce Honor Club, reflecting his compassionate efforts in supporting global causes. Read on.

Published on Feb 28, 2024  |  01:08 PM IST |  112.7K
Stray Kids' Lee Know; Image Courtesy: JYP Entertainment
Stray Kids' Lee Know; Image Courtesy: JYP Entertainment
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  • Stray Kids' Lee Know stands as the youngest member of World Vision’s Honor Club
  • More details about Lee Know’s philanthropy

Stray Kids' Lee Know earns a prestigious title as the youngest member of World Vision's Bob Pierce Honor Club. Recognized for his heartfelt contributions, having supported emergency relief efforts and sponsored children since 2014, he stands as a beacon of compassion.

Stay Kids’ Lee Know becomes youngest member of World Vision’s Honor Club

Stray Kids member Lee Know has achieved a commendable milestone, being named the youngest member of World Vision's esteemed Bob Pierce Honor Club. This prestigious recognition, announced on February 28, highlights Lee Know's substantial contributions to philanthropy and his unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on global humanitarian causes.

The Bob Pierce Honor Club, bearing the name of World Vision's founder, Bob Pierce, is an exclusive group of major donors who have generously contributed over 100 million won (approximately $75,000). Members of this club actively champion various global issues, embodying the values of compassion and generosity.

Lee Know expressed his gratitude for the acknowledgment, stating, “I would be grateful if my support could be of some help to children in Korea and abroad. I will contemplate about what I can do from where I am and pass on the love I have received.”

World Vision Chairman Cho Myung Hwan also said that Lee Know's consistent dedication to supporting children in need, emphasizes his compassionate efforts. The organization pledged to amplify Lee Know's positive influence, ensuring that his benevolent contributions resonate widely through World Vision.


All you need to know about Lee Know’s philanthropic works

Lee Know's philanthropic journey gained significant attention in January when he donated 100 million won to World Vision's global food crisis response project. This initiative addressed the critical issue of food shortages in the world's poorest countries, exacerbated by rapid climate change. Going beyond monetary contributions, Lee Know actively participated in emergency relief efforts following earthquakes in Turkey and Syria in February of the previous year.

Remarkably, Lee Know has been sponsoring children abroad since 2014, currently supporting four children in Korea and overseas. His induction into the Bob Pierce Honor Club reflects not only his financial generosity but also his enduring commitment to making a meaningful impact on global humanitarian causes. Lee Know stands as a shining example of a socially conscious artist, utilizing his platform to create positive change and inspire others to join the fight for a better world.

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