Follow THESE 5 ways to brush up your cooking skills effectively

Who says you have to join cooking classes to improve your cooking abilities? Well, we are here to give online tips on to brush up your cooking skills and talk about small things that you need to keep in mind to improve your culinary skills. Read more.

Updated on Jan 25, 2021 10:53 PM IST  |  1M
Follow THESE 5 ways to brush up your cooking skills effectively
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Cooking as a form of art, it is almost therapeutic and gives you an immense send of satisfaction and joy. The happiness you achieve out of feeding your loved ones with delicious food is something extraordinary. After seeing the final results of your hard work, cooking is a wholesome process that brings contentment and satisfaction into our lives.

To learn cooking, one simply needs the right amount of ingredients and passion for cooking. You don’t need to splurge money to hone your cooking skills. All you need is the right guidance, passion, skills and the willingness to learn. Here are a few easy tips to keep in mind before taking on the challenge and learning the art of cooking.

Go through the recipe thoroughly and understand the ingredients


When you look online for a recipe, make sure you go through it beforehand thoroughly and understand all the ingredients you need. Understand the role of each ingredient, the perfect amount to put and when to put. This will instigate curiosity and help you understand the dish better.

Keep your cooking area clean and ingredients ready

To make cooking a wholesome experience, make sure your kitchen is clean and not dirty. Your ingredients should be kept in one place and not scattered all over. Don’t waste time looking for ingredients while you are cooking as this will create chaos. Keep the ingredients ready before you start cooking.

Have patience as cooking is a slow process


Once you add all the ingredients and filling to the pan, wait for it to properly cook. It is a slow process and takes a while for the vegetables and meat to be tender and soft. Have patience and know the perfect temperature and duration to cook dishes. Undercooked or overcooked is always a problem as it shows a lack of patience and focus.

Trust your instincts while adding flavours

While adding ingredients or flavours to your dishes, sometimes you have to trust your instances and go with the flow. This is how you will learn how to experiment and hone your cooking skills by coming up with new dishes and exciting blend of flavours.

Make sure you have a good chopping knife


It all begins with a good knife. You not only have to sharpen your cooking skills but also your chopping knife to make sure you have cut the perfect slices and sharp edges. This will make chewing easier and food will be perfectly cooked.

Wait until it’s fully brown

A lot of people don’t have patience and usually make a mistake in the beginning. Wait until the onions and other components are fully brown and then add other ingredients.

Use your bare hands


Make cooking a fun idea and not just a necessity. Use bare hands to cook as it keeps you grounded, gives you an easy flow and it makes cooking easier.

Enjoy cooking with the right tools

Having the right tools and utensils to cook is essential. This makes cooking fun and easy process. You can have fun with the right tools and make cooking easier and more efficient. This will fasten the process and it will give you an idea about how much ingredients are needed for a particular dish. 

Learn the basics


After you learn the basic of cooking, you can further experiment and blend more flavours according to your own choice and preference. Learning the basics like the initial steps, when to add ingredients and when to add vegetables is an important aspect of cooking. 

Practice often

Once you’ve learnt the basics, it is time to put all your skills and knowledge into practice. You have to practice and experiment with cooking or else you will lose your focus and passion.

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