4 EASY Tips to decorate a rental apartment

There are many limitations and restrictions when it comes to decorating a rental apartment. So follow these creative tips to decorate your rental space and don’t let the limitations stop you from perking up the space.
4 EASY Tips to decorate a rental apartment 4 EASY Tips to decorate a rental apartment
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A rental apartment though is pretty affordable, it does have its limitations. You can’t hammer a nail in the wall, you can’t paint the walls and basically, you can’t hamper the structure of the whole house. But this shouldn’t stop you from decorating your home to your heart’s content in a way that suits your personality. 

There are many ways to decorate a rental house while sticking to the rules and limitations. So here are some tips to decorate your rental apartment and give it your own little personal touches!


Plants have a magic quality in them to completely transform the space. Invest in some colourful planters and choose dense and tall indoor plants to brighten up your abode and to make it look vibrant, fresh and colourful. 


Removable Wallpaper


So you don’t want the dull white walls but can’t really paint the walls. The best option in such a case is to use removable wallpaper. It can do the job of perking up your abode and can easily be removed when you leave the house. Choose a bright coloured wallpaper that goes with the colour scheme of your abode and stick it to instantly pep up the walls. 




From shaggy rugs to plush ones, invest in all kinds of rugs that are of different shapes and sizes to have one in every room. Choose the rug according to the vibe of the room and place it wherever you want to instantly jazz up the floors.



Good and well thought-out lighting can do wonders to any room. Have both bright and fresh white lighting for the day and soft and soothing yellow lights for the night to create just the perfect ambience for every hour of the day.


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