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All about Joe Namath’s Net Worth. Get to know about Joe Namath’s contract, salary, endorsement deals and his real estate.

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Joe Namath is considered one of the legendary players of the NFL. While the fame of many top athletes is long over, Joe Namath remains relevant to this date. A successful actor, TV show host, and legendary athlete, Joe Namath is one of the most regarded superstars. Here's everything you need to know about his net worth:

Joe Namath's Net Worth

According to CelebrityNetWorth, Joe Namath has a whooping net worth of $25 Million. Joe Namath is a former NFL athlete who is known for his outstanding career with the New York Jets, which came to a conclusion in 1977 when he retired from the Los Angeles Rams.

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Joe Namath's net worth is the sum total of all his income and assets he has acquired over the years. This includes his NFL salary, endorsement money, income from being an actor, investments, real estate and so much more. Born on May 31, 1943, Joe Namath is enjoying his retirement in Palm Beach County.

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Joe Namath's NFL contracts

In 1965, Joe Namath joined the NFL team New York Jets and it didn't take him very long to become one of the highest-paid rookies of that time. Joe Namath used to earn, at that time, about $427,000 with his first professional team contract. 


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Joe Namath got another lucrative contract in 1972, which allowed him to make about $500,000. 1975, New York Jets, once again offered Joe Namath a two-year contract which was worth $900,000. In 1977, he broke his ties with the Jets when he signed a one-year contract worth $150,000 with the Los Angeles Rams. 

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Joe Namath Salary and Career Earnings

In his rookie year, Joe Namath got himself a contract of $427,000 for the next three years, which came with an annual salary of $142,000 per annum. That is the same as signing a contract worth $3.5 Million with an annual salary of about $1.16 Million.

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Before he left the New York Jets, he was under a $900,000 contract, with more than 50% of this amount contributed to his annual salary. But soon he left the Jets for the Rams. Even there he didn't play in most games due to serious knee problems, ending his career in 1977.

Joe Namath’s Acting Career

Joe Namath started his acting career in 1968 when he hosted the show called The Joe Namath Show, which was more like a hosting role than an acting one. But that was just the starting point of it and soon he began working in proper acting roles.

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Joe Namath started making appearances in the stage productions, followed up with movie roles in creations such as C.C. and Company. The former Jets quarterback also appeared in a television series called The Waverly Wonders. That was the starting point of his acting roles in TV.

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Going forward, after The Waverly Wonders, Joe Namath starred in Married... With Children, The Love Boat, The Brady Bunch, Here's Lucy, The Flip Wilson Show and so many more. In addition to all these, Joe Namath also became a renowned voice actor for his role in the world-famous animated series The Simpsons.

Joe Namath’s Brand Endorsement Deals

Joe Namath's whooping net worth also includes all the income he generates from brand endorsements. The former NFL quarterback is well known for appearing in commercials for renowned brands such as Hanes, Noxzema, Ovaltine and so many more. He has been earning quite well from endorsements since the start of his career. 


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In 1975, Joe Namath became the top, most-paid celebrity endorser of the year, to the point that he was earning more than $1 Million per year through endorsement details. On top of that, he was getting about $450,000 per year from the NFL in salary. Taking into note the inflation, he earned, if not less, about $7 Million a year in endorsements + salary. 

Joe Namath’s Real Estate and House

In 2016, Joe Namath got himself a property in New York City, around the Upper West Side, for approximately $1 Million. Apparently, it was a property that he bought to gift his daughter and her husband, considering the two were listed as the buyers of the real estate. 

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The first floor of this real estate is a well-architected family home, which has two bedrooms and a lot of storage space. In 2019, it came to light that Joe Namath was thinking about selling this property. In fact, he even listed it for a price of around $1.195 Million.

Joe’s Nightclub - Bachelors III

Apart from owning real estate, Joe Namathn also owns a nightclub that he opened in 1969 on the Upper East Side of NYC. It's called Bachelors III. The nightclubs have been running incredibly successfully and have attracted so many celebrities over the years. 

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However, apart from celebrities, Bachelors III also became a popular hub for members of gangs and organized crimes. Namath got himself under certain controversies when he refused to sell his nightclub, despite constant insistence from former NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle. He isn’t the owner anymore. 

Joe Namath’s Dating History

For quite a long time, Joe Namath remained a bachelor. But in 1983, his relationship status changed. Joe Namath met Deborah Mays, who used to be an aspiring actress back then. The two came across each other during a voice acting class. 

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Even though there's an age gap of about 19 years between Joe Namath and Deborah Mays, they decided to get married in 1984. The couple are now parents to two children named Olivia and Jessica. After his marriage, Joe Namath was well known to be a family man. Unfortunately, the couple parted ways in 2000. 


Joe’s Struggle with alcoholism

For most of his life, Joe Namath has struggled with alcoholism. In fact, the poison of alcoholism even affected his marriage, as he began drinking heavily after his marriage. His then-wife Deborah Mays warned him about the risk of his drinking habits during the marriage, which helped him contract his addictions. 


However, after the two parted ways in 2000, Joe Namath got back to drinking. In fact, there was an incident where Joe drank very heavily just before going live with ESPN. The initial intent of the day was to honor the Jets' All-Time team but that's the last thing that was talked about. 

Instead, all the headlines were about Joe’s alcoholic incident. There was just one question that Joe was able to answer during the ESPN live. But it was followed by telling the reporter how he wanted to kiss her. Later, he admitted to being embarrassed about himself and decided to get treatment for alcoholism.

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