Who Is Tavia Shackles? All About Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt's Wife

All about Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt and his wife Tavia Shackles. Here’s everything to know about Clark Hunt’s wife.

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Image Courtesy: Instagram
Image Courtesy: Instagram

The Kansas City Chiefs have won the Super Bowl 2024 and no one is happier than the CEO of the team Clark Hunt. While you might know about Clark Hunt, what about his wife? Who is Clark Hunt's wife Tavia Shackles? Here's everything you need to know about Tavia Shackles. 

Who Is Tavia Shackles?

Tavia Shackles hails from Kansas City, the home of the Chiefs. Her family still lives there to this day. During her childhood, Clark Hunt's wife actively took part in beauty pageants and competitions, which gave her the opportunity to explore various parts of Missouri. This experience of traveling around the state helped her develop a stronger sense of pride for her origins.

Image Courtesy: Instagram

In September 2022, Tavia Shackles had a chat with KSHB, a local outlet in Kansas City. While discussing her background, she mentioned her previous endeavors. "I had the honor of being Miss Missouri Teen USA and traveled all across the state of Missouri. Later on, I became Miss Kansas USA," she shared.

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Furthermore, she mentioned that she shares a unique connection with her husband's team, the Chiefs Kingdom, due to the significance of Kansas City in her life. Notably, her husband, Clark Hunt, holds the positions of CEO and Chairman for the Kansas City Chiefs, while she herself holds a prestigious role within the team.


Image Courtesy: Instagram

Mrs. Hunt is the director of the Chiefs Women's Organization, a program that brings together the WAGS of Chiefs players to make a difference in charity work and support local communities. "I love being a leader of it and organizing events to familiarize our extended football family with Kansas City," she said in an interview. 

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As the director of the Chiefs women's organization, she has been actively involved in various projects. One of her notable contributions has been providing meals to hungry individuals at local shelters. Additionally, she has dedicated her time and efforts to building homes for those in need through an NGO called Habitat for Humanity. Apart from her role as a director, she also plays a part in the Chiefs' cheerleading squad.

Tavia Shackles Age and Height

Tavia Shackles or Mrs. Hunt was born on August 1, 1971. As of February 2024, Clark Hunt's wife is 52 years old. Clark Hunt, on the other hand, was born on February 19, 1965, and as of February 2024, the Chiefs' CEO is 59 years old. Talking about their heights, they are pretty much the same. Both stand around 5 '6 with Hunt an inch taller. 


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When did Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt and Tavia Shackles meet?

Before she became Mrs. Hunt, Tavia Shackles started her career with the Kansas City Chiefs as an intern for the team. She has been a huge Chiefs fan since then and used to intern for the PR department in 1991 while continuing her education in college.

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Talking with KSHB, Mrs. Hunt revealed what it was by the end of the summer after the first luncheon, that she caught eyes with Clark Hunt. "At the end of that event, this nice guy named Clark came up and started talking to me, and we had a great conversation and had so much in common, we learned," she said, talking about Hunt.

Adding further she said, "He asked me if I’d like to have dinner sometime, and the rest is history." At that time, Lamar Hunt used to be the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs and Clark was his son. According to Tavia, she truly had no idea about this information. She didn't know he was the son of the team's owner.


Image Courtesy: Instagram

But soon she got to know about him being the son of Lamar Hunt when he gave Tavia a postcard that Clark's grandma gave to him. "He said he’d had it for years and it meant a lot to him and that he hoped that he’d found his partner to drive with him down the road of life," Tavia said, revealing the backstory of the postcard.

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When did Clark Hunt and Tavia Shackles get married?

Tavia Shackles and Clark Hunt made their relationship official a couple of years after they started dating. They sealed the deal on October 23, 1993, when Tavia Shackles became Mrs. Hunt at the young age of 22. At that time, she had recently completed her studies in political science at the University of Missouri.

Image Courtesy: Instagram

In 2023, Mr. and Mrs. Hunt celebrated their lovely 30th anniversary and Tavia shared that moment with her fans through her Instagram. Tavia shared an Instagram post, which was more like a sweet tribute to their marriage. Attached with the post were some pictures of the two.

"Happy Anniversary my darling. You are my soulmate, my best friend, and "usually" my most favorite person in the world. I love you and the family we’ve made. So here's to growing old together 🥂 hopefully the best is yet to be!!" she wrote in the caption. The two really looked cute in the pictures. 


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Tavia Shackles’ Children

6 years after getting married in 1993, Mr. and Mr. Hunt welcomed their first child daughter on March 29, 1999. She was named Gracie. Three years later, the couple welcomed their second kid, their son, on July 15, 2002. He was named Knobel. 

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Mr. and Mrs. Hunt completed their family with their child daughter Ava in 2005. Clark Hunt and Tavia Shackles's first child Gracie followed her mother's footsteps and became a beauty pageant queen. Gracie was crowned as Miss Texas Teen International twice.

Image Courtesy: Instagram

She won the competition for the first time in 2016 and the second time in 2018. Three years later, Gracie won Miss Kansas USA. During an interview in 2021, Gracie talked about certain advice that her mother gives her, especially when it comes to her career in modeling.

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"She tells me, 'Just be you. You are enough,' It's really nice to get to walk down a road with someone who has been down that path before. It really has just bonded us so much," Clark Hunt's elder daughter said, talking about her mother. 

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Mr. and Mrs. Hunt's second child Knobel is currently a student at Southern Methodist University. The couple's youngest child Ava, on the other hand, is about to finish her senior year in High school. She is on the cheerleading team in her high school. 


Tavia Shackles Hunt’s Relationship with the Chiefs

Tavia Shackles is the wife of the Chiefs' CEO, therefore it becomes obvious that her relationship with the team is quite close. The Kansas City Chiefs recently won the Super Bowl for the second time in a row. But the team's legacy has been with its fans and that's what she loves the most about being a part of Chiefs Kingdom.

Image Courtesy: Instagram

"We undoubtedly have the best fan base in the NFL. They show up whether it’s 100 degrees or negative 10, or whatever it is. They show up," she said during an interview with KSHB. That was about her love for the Chiefs, but she is also a huge Taylor Swift fan.

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Hearing the news of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift dating, Mrs. Hunt was more than happy to welcome the All Too Well Singer to the Chiefs family. Tavia is such a huge Swiftie that on Taylor's birthday, according to Gracie, she wanted to buy the singer a Minaudieres Swarovski microphone clutch which costs about $5,000.

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"My mom actually sent Travis a message saying, ‘Hey, like, you need to get her this,’ and he sent her a message back and was, like, ‘I don’t even know if she likes that.' My mom was, like, ‘Well if you’re not [going to get it], this is our birthday present for Miss Taylor because she needs this,'" Gracie revealed via Page Six. 

Nevertheless, despite all the back and forth with the gifting, the Hunt Family ultimately ended up gifting Taylor Swift a bag. In fact, Mrs. Hunt even shared a picture on her Instagram, where Taylor was seen holding a gift box in her hands. Next to her stands, Mr. Hunt and Tavia. Tavia indeed is a Swiftie.

Tavia Shackles Net Worth

While there are enough details about Clark Hunts' net worth, there isn't much about his wife's net worth. According to certain sources, her estimated net worth is about close to $2 Million. This can be considering she has multiple assets under her name that are yet to come to light. 

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