Maxx Crosby Claims Seeing UFO With His Own Eyes While on Flight Back to Miami Sparking NFL Fans Hilarious Mockery

Maxx Crosby reveals a crazy extraterrestrial story about seeing a UFO while he and the team were returning from a game. Here's how fans have reacted to his story.

Published on Jun 10, 2024  |  04:31 PM IST |  35.2K
Maxx Crosby Claims to See UFO With His Own Eyes While on Flight Back to Miami
Maxx Crosby Claims to See UFO With His Own Eyes While on Flight Back to Miami (PC: Instagram)

Maxx Crosby has become the subject of hilarious reactions and trolls after the Las Vegas Raiders star revealed that he had seen a UFO during a team flight while the team was returning from a game in Miami. 

The 26-year-old also revealed he loves talking about extraterrestrial life to his teammate Andre James before he shared a wild story and now, fans can't stop giving their amusing responses

Maxx Crosby reveals wild story about seeing a UFO and fans can’t keep calm

Maxx Crosby appeared on the Jim Rome Show this week where he went on to share a story about seeing a UFO during a flight while he and the team were returning back from a game in Miami. 

When asked if UFOs or Aliens exist, the defensive end told Rome, “Like we were literally on a flight back from Miami, and we’ve seen a UFO with our own eyes.” 

It is not normal to believe such stories of course, for a normal human being at least. However, the American football player made sure people took the story seriously by saying, “It's real.” 

“It was wild. And I seen it, and they had no idea what it was,” Crosby continued. “There was nothing on the radar, nothing. And it was like a big shining light going in and out.” The Raiders player advised them to “ask the pilots, anybody that was there.” 


Meanwhile, this gave rise to hilarious reactions online. One user wrote, “Was that before the pink elephant or after.”

Another called it a result of hanging out with Aaron Rodgers, who is known for his open talks and conspiracy theories. The user commented, “Probably hanging  around with Aaron Rodgers.”

Another user said, “He got CTE

Another hilarious but genuine reaction was, “If only he had a device that could capture footage of the event.”

One more user said, “Drug test coming soon.”

Last but not least, one user commented, “Lesson here today Kids don’t put your phone on airplane mode. Otherwise you might miss your opportunity to take a picture of a UFO.” 

Maxx Crosby recently disclosed his desire to stay with the Raiders for life 

Maxx Crosby wants to retire with the Raiders. “I'm going to be a Raider for life,” he said during the Jim Rome Show. The player believes in loyalty towards one side. 


After playing for the franchise for five seasons, the 2019 NFL Draft pick by the Oakland Raiders wants to stay at one team for his entire life and win at one place, taking inspiration from Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan

Jordan played for fifteen seasons in the National Basketball Association and won six NBA Championships with the Chicago Bulls. On the other hand, Bryant spent his entire 20-season-long career with the 17-time NBA Champions, the Los Angeles Lakers winning five Championships with the franchise.

Crosby also stated that the moment he sealed the deal with the franchise, he “didn’t have any type of you know thought of leaving or idea of leaving.” 

The defensive end's contract is active until 2026, however, the player has no guaranteed money left after the conclusion of this season.

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