Unfazed Patrick Mahomes Reacts to Fat Shamers After ‘Dad Bod’ Video Goes Viral Again

Patrick Mahomes addresses fat-shaming comments after a viral video showed his 'dad bod' on The Pat McAfee Show

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Published on May 24, 2024 | 04:45 PM IST | 56.3K
Patrick Mahomes addresses fat-shaming comments after a viral video showed his 'dad bod' on The Pat McAfee Show
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Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, a three-time Super Bowl champion, has recently found himself caught in an unexpected whirlwind of criticism over his physique. 

A viral video captured Mahomes heading to the team's organized team activities (OTAs), revealing what many deemed a "dad bod"—far from the chiseled frames typically associated with elite athletes.

The video ignited a firestorm on social media, with fans condemning Mahomes' appearance. Some labeled him "severely out of shape," while others resorted to outright fat-shaming, a cruel form of body-shaming targeting an individual's weight or body type.

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Patrick Mahomes unfazed by body shaming 

However, Mahomes remained unfazed by the onslaught of criticism, addressing the controversy with his trademark poise during an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show. 

"It kinda surprised me. I thought we got the whole dad bod thing out of the way last offseason—last season actually in the playoffs. But I guess people still haven't realized that I don't have abs," Mahomes said, acknowledging his lack of a conventionally athletic physique.

The scrutiny over Mahomes' physique had initially surfaced earlier in the year when cameras captured a shirtless Mahomes delivering a celebratory speech to his teammates in the locker room following the Chiefs' victory in the AFC Championship Game. The viral image sparked a similar wave of criticism, with many questioning the quarterback's fitness levels.


The quarterback, known for his calm demeanor on and off the field, made it clear that he is comfortable in his own skin. "I know my body more than anyone," Mahomes asserted, reinforcing his self-assurance.

Mahomes has remained steadfast in his acceptance of his physique, even defending his "dad bod" in an interview with Time magazine after being named the second most influential person in the world for 2024. 

"I definitely have the dad bod a little bit," Mahomes, 28, admitted. "I'll also say I have a great body for a quarterback. You've got to have some padding in there to take the hits that we take."

Mahomes understands the scrutiny that comes with his fame and success, but he remains focused on what truly matters – his performance on the gridiron. 

"I'll continue to work on that," Mahomes promised, referring to his fitness regimen, while attributing his recent appearance to the fit of his shirt and backpack rather than any significant change in his physique.


Matt Ryan defends Patrick Mahomes' physique 

Amid the torrent of criticism directed at Mahomes, former NFL quarterback Matt Ryan emerged as an unlikely ally, offering a resounding defense of the Chiefs signal-caller. 

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Ryan dismissed the importance of physical appearance, asserting that Mahomes' on-field exploits render any such critiques moot.

"I had a dad bod for most of my career, so I agree with Patrick on that. The proof is in the performance. His performance has been better than anybody's the last five or six years, so I think he's doing OK," Ryan stated, drawing from his own experience as a successful NFL quarterback without a traditionally athletic build.

More athletes embracing the 'Dad Bod' trend, along with Patrick Mahomes

Ryan's comments reflect a growing acceptance of unconventional physiques in professional sports, particularly among quarterbacks and athletes whose success is not solely dependent on physical prowess. 


Mahomes is not the only NFL star who has faced criticism for his physique. Travis Kelce, the Chiefs' tight end, found himself at the center of a similar debate after beach photos surfaced of him without a six-pack during a vacation in the Bahamas with his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, shortly after winning the Super Bowl. 

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Moreover, athletes like Tyson Fury, the British boxer who has defied conventional wisdom with his unorthodox physique, have paved the way for a shift in perspective, where performance takes precedence over appearances.

As Mahomes continues to rewrite records and cement the Chiefs' dynasty, his supporters argue that his on-field dominance speaks volumes, making any criticism of his appearance insignificant. 

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