Foreigner's video showing 4 types of 'Indian head nods' goes viral; netizens find it relatable

Danish-Aussie travel vlogger Ella Johansen recently gained traction on social media with her viral video discussing the subtle nuances of Indian head nods.

Published on Feb 20, 2024  |  05:33 PM IST |  36.1K
(Image Courtesy: Instagram)
Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Living the Jo Life
Key Highlight
  • A Danish-Aussie vlogger sheds light on the subtle nuances of 4 types of 'Indian head nods'
  • Viewers praise the vlogger's keen observations and endearing portrayal, sharing personal insights

Ella Johansen, a Danish-Aussie travel vlogger, recently gained attention on social media for her viral video discussing the subtle nuances of Indian head nods. Johansen's video, which has received over 1.2 million likes, features four distinct variations of the iconic gesture as she shares her observations from traveling around India, as per a report from News18. 

Johansen's video demonstrates her keen eye for cultural nuances as she explains the various types of head nods commonly seen in India. She describes the gesture as a form of agreement and humorously demonstrates each nod, showing glimpses of locals doing the same action. The vlogger charmingly describes the head nods as "cute" and admits to adopting them after being captivated by their charm. 

Reactions from viewers 

The video sparked a flood of positive reactions from viewers, both Indian and international. One Instagram user complimented Johansen on her keen observations, admitting, "Being an Indian, I never noticed such subtle things." Another person complimented the vlogger's portrayal, saying, "Aw, you’re so cute. This is actually a really sweet reel. So glad you found our nods cute." 

Many users shared their humorous insights and personal experiences with head nods in the comments section. Some joked about the various interpretations of the gesture, with one user saying, "When you go to my dad's house, you notice 40 types of head nods, and they're all of disappointment toward me and my life choices." 


Another user jokingly said, "Nailed it! They all mean yes unless you are a disappointed Indian mom then it means you are dead." Others took advantage of the opportunity to provide in-depth explanations of each head nod variation, including examples and scenarios in which they are commonly used. 

Ella Johansen's travel endeavors 

Ella Johansen, along with her family, creates travel content for the YouTube channel "Living the Jo Life." With over 80,000 Instagram followers and 1.9 lakh YouTube subscribers, the Johansen family has a sizable online presence. After visiting over 65 countries, their adventures continue to captivate audiences all over the world. 

Ella Johansen's lighthearted exploration of Indian head nods provides a charming glimpse into the country's cultural intricacy. Johansen's viral video not only entertains but also promotes cross-cultural awareness and appreciation. 

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Know more about Ella Johansen:

Who is Ella Johansen?
Ella Johansen is a Danish-Aussie travel vlogger known for her engaging content showcasing travel adventures and cultural observations.

Where can I find Ella Johansen's content?
Ella Johansen's travel adventures and videos can be found on her YouTube channel 'Living the Jo Life.' Additionally, she shares updates and snippets from her travels on her Instagram account.

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