Teen Survives Great White Shark Attack As Father’s Heroic Actions Are Celebrated Around The Globe; KNOW More

Teen survives great white shark attack during fishing triTeen survives great white shark attack during fishing trip near Glenelg, South Australia. Father's heroic rescue saves the day for Nathan despite severe injuries.p near Glenelg, South Australia. Father's heroic rescue saves the day for Nathan despite severe injuries.

Published on Apr 24, 2024  |  04:15 AM IST |  65K
Teen Survives Great White Shark Attack Thanks to Father’s Heroic Actions
Father rescues son from giant white shark in Australia (PC: OfeliaLamensky Twitter)
Key Highlight
  • Nathan Ness was rescued by his father after a great white shark latches onto his leg
  • Despite severe injuries, Nathan remains calm and composed

Trigger warning: This article contains reference to violent events.

A great white shark bit a young Australian boy’s leg during what had been, up until then, an ordinary fishing trip. Reports from local media outlet 7News claim that the incident happened in Glenelg, South Australia.

The story of terror and bravery of a father

Nathan Ness, a teenager of sixteen years, unknowingly encountered a perilous situation while attempting to reel in what he believed to be a harmless catch. Little did he know, his fish hook had ensnared something far more menacing than he could have imagined - a massive great white shark lurking beneath the surface. Thus began Nathan's harrowing battle for survival against the relentless predator clamped onto his leg.

Michael Hess, Nathan’s father made an instant decision and jumped into action facing risk to save his son. He used his bare hands to open the powerful jaws of the shark; thus setting Nathan free. It was an act of courage amidst fear.

The aftermath

In spite of this horrifying experience, Nathan remained shockingly calm. Attended at Royal Adelaide Hospital for treatment purposes, he had sustained deep gashes on his lower left limb. Timely medical attention managed to stop excessive bleeding thereby averting further disaster.


Australia is home to awe-inspiring yet potentially dangerous great white sharks considered as top apex predators in the oceanic waters. Shark attacks are uncommon but their razor-sharp teeth are real threats against human beings especially when they feel threatened.

One such aggressive species towards humans within its pack is this Great White together with Bull and Tiger Sharks. These top-of-the-food-chain animals demand respect and caution whenever one comes across them in their natural habitation.

Father rescues son from giant white shark in Australia (PC:  OfeliaLamensky Twitter)

Risk quantified

According to historical data, South Australia has documented only 47 unprovoked shark attacks to date, dating back to ancient times. In contrast, New South Wales, which shares a border with South Australia, has reported 272 incidents so far, making it the most vulnerable state to these frequent encounters.

Despite the potential trauma, Nathan displays resilience as he expresses his desire to return to fishing, demonstrating that challenges have not dampened his determination.

Nevertheless, following the recent events, the father may question the wisdom of another attempt in the near future, considering the lurking dangers beneath the ocean.


Father rescues son from giant white shark in Australia (PC: Visionaledge Twitter)

Conservation and responsibility

It is crucial to emphasize the importance of preserving these incredible creatures, as demonstrated by the unintended encounters with great white sharks. The protection of great whites is enforced through legislation that prohibits their capture and retention, promoting responsible fishing practices. 

Along Australia's vast coastal waters, the coexistence between humans and sharks relies on a delicate equilibrium based on mutual understanding and respect. Nathan's harrowing experience served as a wake-up call, revealing the astonishing beauty that our oceans hold, but also reminding us of the inherent dangers that exist in the natural world.

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Are shark attacks common in South Australia?
No, with only 47 recorded unprovoked attacks since 1700, they're rare.

What should fishermen do if they accidentally catch a great white shark?
It's illegal to keep them, so they must be released back into the water immediately.

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