Texas Mother Arrested For Allegedly Abandoning Children To Be On A Cruise; Here’s Everything We Know So Far

A woman from Texas was arrested for leaving kids alone in the family apartment. Charges include child abandonment as the whole community expresses concern for children's welfare.

Published on Apr 16, 2024  |  05:40 PM IST |  30.1K
Harris County Constable's Office captures a mother of two
Harris County Constable's Office captures a mother of two ( PC: Facebook )
Key Highlight
  • Lakesha Woods Williams faces charges for allegedly leaving her young children unattended for days
  • Neighbors raised concerns about the children's well-being

Trigger warning: This article contains reference to disturbing events

Lakesha Woods Williams, a mother from Texas, has landed herself into legal trouble involving allegations that she left her two young children, aged 6 and 8, alone for multiple days while she went on a cruise. She was taken into custody on Thursday, April 4, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office records. The mother of two is charged with child abandonment with intent to return her children and her bond is worth $25,000.

Harris County Constable's Office captures a mother of two ( PC: Facebook )

What actually happened?

The story began when police responded to a distress call about two kids who had been left unattended in their family house in Houston, Texas. On its social media page, Harris County Constable Precinct stated that Williams allegedly boarded her flight for the cruise on April 4th and abandoned her two children. 

The children were discovered by themselves inside the apartment on April 9 leading to an urgent need for medical help as well as child protection services (CPS) input regarding their welfare.


Williams reportedly arrived back home late evening of April 10 only to be put in handcuffs during the examination of the child welfare situation by policemen who revisited the apartment block the next morning. 

Ted Heap, an officer at the constable's office said it was important to safeguard children’s lives as well as hold those responsible accountable for their actions. The county attorney’s office confirmed that there is a relative taking care of them now.


Harris County Constable's Office captures a mother of two ( PC: Facebook )

Concerns within community

Neighbors however expressed some reservations noting how they had feared about Lakesha Woods Williams’ little ones in the past. News reports indicated signs of unsanitary conditions inside the family apartment complex as well as children trying out self-care such as cooking while staying without their mom.

Williams’ court date shows how she may face serious consequences if charges against her are proven true. Such ordeals compel people to take the safety of every child seriously thereby ensuring that authorities and communities do whatever it takes to protect them.

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What charges does Lakesha Woods Williams face?
Child abandonment, with intent to return.

Who is currently caring for the children?
They are under the care of a relative.

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