Zomato Delivery Executive Goes Viral Riding Harley Davidson; Know More About The Instance

A Zomato delivery rider's viral moment on a Harley Davidson gears up online discussion. Unconventional antics in the food delivery world continue to surprise the common people.

Published on Apr 17, 2024  |  11:09 PM IST |  43.2K
Zomato Delivery Agent Rides Harley Davidson
Zomato delivery boy rides Harley Davidson (PC: ProudIndian_M Twitter )
Key Highlight
  • Zomato delivery agent riding Harley Davidson goes viral
  • Unconventional delivery antics continue with a rider wearing a competitor's uniform

The latest internet sensation is a Zomato delivery executive who delivers food orders while riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. A video on Instagram captures the agent moving on the high-end motorbike, and many people notice him. 

The bike is a Harley Davidson X440, priced at about 2.4 lacs. Even the helmet and gloves look very expensive in the video. The sensational video gathered more than 3.4 million views and over 90,000 likes.

Zomato delivery boy rides Harley Davidson (PC: BaapofOption Twitter)

Mixed reactions caused by viral sensations

The clip quickly gained traction, accumulating millions of views and thousands of likes. Though some found it funny, others respected this courier for incorporating his hobby into his work. Some users even speculated that the rider was a promotional figure or could be Zomato’s founder himself.

In the comments section, various feelings were raised, with some appreciating the rider's dedication, whereas others wondered why he chose such a vehicle. 

Many of them celebrated his toil in getting his dream bike, whereas others questioned if this was an advertisement idea or if the founder was filling in during a driver strike.


Zomato delivery boy rides Harley Davidson (PC: devn007 Twitter)

Unorthodox antics persist in delivery world

This is not an isolated event amidst Zomato’s unconventional delivery escapades. Another delivery boy recently made headlines for dressing in a Swiggy uniform while making deliveries for Zomato. 


The sight of him wearing Swiggy-branded clothes while carrying food ordered through Zomato got people talking and served as another viral moment within the food delivery fraternity.

These unusual behaviors not only add spice to social media feeds but also stimulate conversations about changing the gig economy and commitment among drivers who provide services for companies like Zomato, Uber, and Swiggy, among others. 

These riders continue to capture online spectators using unique approaches, such as riding luxurious bikes or wearing competitors’ attires while making deliveries online.

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Why did the Zomato delivery agent ride a Harley Davidson?
Likely a promotional stunt or personal passion.

What was the reaction to the rider's unconventional choice of vehicle?
Mixed responses, from humor to admiration for dedication.

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