Kagurabachi Chapter 30: Release Date, Where To Stream, Expected Plot And More

With Hiyuki now working with Chihiro to take down the Rakuzaichi auction's harsh reality, fans await Kagurabachi Chapter 30's release. Here's what to expect, the release date and more.

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Takeru Hokazono, Shueisha, MangaPlus, Viz Media
Kagurabachi [Takeru Hokazono, Shueisha, MangaPlus, Viz Media]

Chihiro Rokuhira's impassioned plea to Hiyuki has resonated deeply, urging her to confront the harsh reality of the Rakuzaichi auction. Encouraging her to consider the fate of those destined for sale, Chihiro implored Hiyuki to take action and bring an end to the nefarious event.

With the stakes higher than ever, fans eagerly anticipate the developments that await in Kagurabachi Chapter 30. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming chapter, from the release date to the expected plot and more.

Kagurabachi [Takeru Hokazono, Shueisha, MangaPlus, Viz Media]

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Kagurabachi Chapter 30: release date and where to stream

According to MangaPlus, Kagurabachi Chapter 30 is slated for release on Monday, April 22, 2024, at 12 am JST. The chapter will also be available within the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump's #21 issue. However, international fans can dive into the latest chapter earlier, on April 21, owing to time zone disparities.

For manga fans worldwide, access to Kagurabachi Chapter 30 is conveniently available on various Shueisha-affiliated platforms, including the MangaPlus App, MangaPlus website, Viz Media's official website, and the Shonen Jump+ app. It's worth noting that while the first and latest three chapters are accessible for free on these platforms, Shonen Jump+ requires a subscription for unlimited access to every chapter.


Kagurabachi [Takeru Hokazono, Shueisha, MangaPlus, Viz Media]

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Expected plot in Kagurabachi Chapter 30

With Chihiro and Hiyuki determined to disrupt the nefarious activities of the Sazanami faction, readers can expect Kagurabachi Chapter 30 to have an intense infiltration mission into the depths of the Sazanami family's cemetery concealed beneath the Rakuzaichi auction hall. However, the duo will not tread alone, as they encounter enemies lying in wait to thwart their progress.

Chihiro and Hiyuki must navigate through treacherous obstacles and confront their foes head-on in a battle for survival. Meanwhile, amidst the chaos, Kagurabachi Chapter 30 may let know what Shiba and Hakuri are upto. As their paths intersect with those of Chihiro and Hiyuki, the stage is set for a collision of conflicting interests and agendas.

Kagurabachi [Takeru Hokazono, Shueisha, MangaPlus, Viz Media]

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Kagurabachi Chapter 29 recap

Kagurabachi Chapter 29 is titled Selection, and opens with a glimpse into the inner workings of Kamunabi's Shinuchi bidding team as they strategize for the upcoming auction. The addition of the Enten blade to the auction block doesn’t seem to affect them as their focus remains steadfast on securing victory in the bidding war for the coveted Shinuchi blade.

Amidst the deliberations, a female Kamunabi sorcerer raises a question about the fate of those slated for sale at the auction. Her partner offers a sobering perspective, acknowledging the harsh realities of their world and emphasizing the necessity of prioritizing their objectives. With the potential to save countless lives by acquiring the Shinuchi blade, they rationalize their course of action in Kagurabachi Chapter 29.

Meanwhile, at the entrance, Hiyuki meets Chihiro Rokuhira, who seeks answers regarding his decision to hand over the Enten blade to the Sazanami faction. Chihiro unveils the existence of Sazanami's secret storehouse and reveals his discovery of an infiltration route. However, this information is overshadowed by a startling revelation—the Kamunabi faction's intention to procure the blade through the auction.

Chihiro's impassioned plea strikes a chord with Hiyuki, challenging her to confront the moral implications of her actions. Accused of prioritizing personal interests over the greater good, Hiyuki finds herself at a moral crossroads, wrestling with the weight of her decisions. In Kagurabachi Chapter 29, Hiyuki's partner Tafuku observes her inner turmoil and recognizes her underlying desire to protect the innocent lives at stake.


Driven by a newfound resolve, Hiyuki vows to dismantle the auction and thwart the ambitions of both Kamunabi and Sazanami. With Tafuku by her side and Chihiro's unexpected alliance, Kagurabachi Chapter 29 ends as Hiyuki embarks on a daring mission to retrieve the Enchanted Blades and put an end to the sinister machinations of the Rakuzaichi auction.

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