My Hero Academia Manga Ending: Will It End Like Attack on Titan? Exploring Story Possibilities

The final chapter of the My Hero Academia series is nearing its climax, with Class 1-A students from U.A. High joining Deku in his final battle against TomurAFO. Will it end like Attack on Titan?

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Exploring If My Hero Academia Manga Will End Like Attack on Titan
My Hero Academia (PC: IMDb)

The final chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia series is nearing its climax, with Class 1-A students from U.A. High joining Deku in his final battle against TomurAFO. As the narrative draws to a close, fans are circulating theories about the series' possible ending, with one unique theory suggesting a climactic ending similar to Hajime Isayama's Attack on Titan.

My Hero Academia may have an ending similar to Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan, a renowned shonen anime series, concluded last year with the death of Eren Yeager, uniting humanity against Titan and temporarily ending discrimination. This event also marked the end of Titan's shifting powers, freeing the characters from their curses. While it's challenging to match the storytelling and climactic ending of Attack on Titan, a fan theory suggests Kohei Horikoshi might give his manga an ending similar to Hajime Isayama's masterpiece.

A user named @YasserMontasse5 on X has proposed that the final villain of My Hero Academia is actually the parasite who gave birth to Quirks. The theory gained traction in chapter 420 of the manga, where Deku is confused about All For One, who once boasted about his perfect fusion with Tomura Shigaraki.


Deku is worried that damaging Tenko Shimura's spirit would break both of them, causing All For One to be swallowed up. However, he cannot believe that All For One is still standing in front of them.


The user suggests that the entity Deku is confused about is not Shigaraki or All For One but a parasite disguised as the latter. The parasite's appearance, resembling a decomposing body, suggests its origins date back to the birth of All For One and Yoichi Shigaraki. The user refers to the parasite as a Giardia parasite, which takes the form of a cyst in its first stage. Before All For One's birth, his mother was seen with a skin cyst on her arm.

The user explains that the Giardia parasite splits in two and prioritizes feeding itself, possibly causing All For One to continue feeding on his mother's life force even after her death. The story highlights the two major events: rats ate All For One's mother's body near a river, and Quirks appeared worldwide.

The Giardia parasite is waterborne, increasing the risk of humans catching the virus after consuming river water where infected rats may have deposited their waste. The virus spread rapidly, affecting almost the entire world.

The Quirks, a group of superhuman abilities, were believed to have been caused by a virus that spread through mice. Kai Chisaki, also known as Overhaul, believed that Quirks were merely a sickness. This theory was supported by My Hero Academia chapter 158, which revealed that the virus was the mysterious mutations that suddenly manifested in humans, leading to the Quirks.

If the theory suggested is true, My Hero Academia may follow a similar ending to Attack on Titan, where the Quirks are eradicated from the world after the parasite controlling Shigaraki's body, disguised as All For One, is exterminated.

This would result in the Quirks going extinct for good. However, this theory is based on the interpretation of certain events in the story and is not a confirmation of future events. It is important to note that this theory is purely based on the interpretation of certain events in the story.

What to Expect from My Hero Academia Chapter 421?

My Hero Academia chapter 421 is expected to be one of the most intense in the Final War Saga, as Horikoshi continues to deliver exceptional chapters. With the final battle against All For One set to begin, the story is currently enjoying its highest of highs and will only get better from here onwards. The attention of fans is on the horizon, making it an exciting and thrilling read.


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My Hero Academia (IMDb)

In My Hero Academia chapter 421, the Heroes and All For One face off in a crucial battle. As Izuku's recovery is delayed, many Heroes jump on the battlefield to aid Deku in his fight against All For One. This battle is expected to be intense and difficult for the Heroes, who are already battered.

Despite their immense numbers, they must fight until Deku recovers and the Heroes' numbers are exhausted. The next chapter will focus on this challenging battle, showcasing the Heroes' immense strength and determination.

Chapter 421 is set to feature the powerful character Aizawa, who will use his Quirk erasure power to defeat All For One. This will allow his students to fight a weakened version of him, allowing the Heroes to save more time for Deku.

The story is expected to be exciting, with positive developments surrounding Deku and Eri in the previous chapter. The heroes will likely use their valiant efforts to hold back and potentially weaken All For One, the most heinous villain of all time.

Chapter 421 will also focus on Deku's recovery after Eri made a significant sacrifice for him by cutting off her own horn with the help of Ectoplasm. Aizawa would have stopped her, but she was not present, and Ectoplasm was convinced by her reckless nature. Eri's actions were a massive risk, and Aizawa even mentioned that she could have ruined her Quirk forever. However, Eri's actions do not matter.

If her Quirk can allow Deku to win the fight against All For One and peace to prevail all over the world, then Eri is willing to do that. Eri gave her horn to Aizawa, and that is what he stabbed Deku with. That said, it was made clear to the fans that the horn's power is going to be much weaker since Eri is not present there herself and that it can't go back too much in time.

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