Andrew McCarthy REVEALS How Brat Packs Label Went On To Become ‘A Blessing’ For Him Ahead Of Brats Premiere

Brats director Andrew McCarthy appeared at the Tribeca World premiere of his movie alongside the cast members. McCarthy called his group, Brat Packs, the biggest blessing.

Published on Jun 08, 2024  |  06:32 PM IST |  43.3K
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Andrew McCarthy calls the Brats Packs of the 80s one of the biggest blessings for him at the Tribeca Film premiere. The filmmaker joined actors including Demi Moore, Ally Sheedy, and John Cryer, among others, on the stage for the screening of his movie The Brats. 

McCarty shared that earlier, the Brat Packs label was considered horrible in the film fraternity; however, now that he looks back in time, the director considers it a “blessing.” 

What did Andrew McCarthy say about honoring his moments with Brat Packs?

In the post-screening Q&A session on Friday at the Tribeca Film premiere, Andrew McCarthy responded to the question of what made him want to work on a topic from the past. The filmmaker revealed, “I turned 60 last year, and you start to look at your life a little differently. I looked back at this seminal moment in my past that I’d been dragging around for so many years, and it seemed frozen in the past.”

McCarthy added, “And I wanted to bring it up into my present. And by examining it, I could sort of honor it. And if I honored it, it started to turn into a blessing. And then I was fascinated by the journey.”

Apart from Moore, Sheedy, and Cryer, the casting director of Brat Packs, Marci Liroff, and the journalist, David Blum joined the cast members of Brat Packs on the stage at the ceremony.



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What are Brat Packs, and who were the members of the group?

Brat Packs was a nickname for the actors who came together to deliver coming-of-age movies in the 1980s. The name first appeared on the cover of the New York Times magazine in 1985, with popular teen actors and actors of the era. The members of Brat Packs included Demi Moore, Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, Rob Lowe, and Molly Ringwald. 

While addressing the audience at the Tribeca Film Premiere, Moore looked back in time and shared, “The greatest loss of it was the time we’ve lost with each other over these years.”

 The actress further added, “There was a fear that if we didn’t try to just move out on our own, we would somehow be seen as less. And the joy of this has been the reconnection and the opportunity that we have now for something that was really a defining and beautiful moment of joy in all of our lives.”


The reunion movie of the Brat Packs, Brats, will premiere on Hulu on June 13.


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