'That Was So Mortifying': The View's Sara Haines Opens Up About Embarrassing Backstage Moment With Andrew McCarthy

Sara Haines, co-host of The View, is still processing a behind-the-scenes moment she experienced with Andrew McCarthy. McCarthy visited the show to promote his Hulu documentary, Brats.

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Sara Haines and Andrew McCarthy (P.C. Instagram/sarahaines and andrewtmccarthy)

Sara Haines, co-host of The View, still thinks of one specific backstage moment with Andrew McCarthy and she regards it as embarrassing. McCarthy, known for his work in the Brat Pack, came to the show to promote his Hulu documentary, Brats. Haines spoke frankly about the moment on the podcast Behind the Table with the show's executive producer, Brian Teta.

Sara Haines (P.C. - Instagram/Sara Haines)

Sara Haines' unforgettable encounter with Andrew McCarthy

Sara Haines, co-host of The View, recently spoke about a hilarious encounter with '80s heartthrob Andrew McCarthy. Haines, a self-proclaimed fan, revealed on the show's podcast Behind the Table that she had a bit of a fangirl moment while filming with McCarthy, who visited the show to promote his documentary, Brat.

Haines recalled the embarrassing moment and praised the documentary as fascinating and nostalgic, adding that it has "all the music, all the movies you love."

Haines, who seemed very enthusiastic, recounted how she rushed backstage during a commercial break to express her admiration for McCarthy. "I was so gunned up," she said. She went backstage during a commercial break and literally told him all of that as fast as she could because she kept hearing them count down.

As he got on the set, she spoke to him again during the segment, then she started talking to him the second the camera was off him. She was watching the camera because she knew everyone would talk to him, and she wanted to finish asking him a question. "So I ambushed him there. People are circling, and we're getting a picture. I'm still talking to him."


As the conversation continued, co-host Whoopi Goldberg approached, which made the situation even more awkward. "I hadn't quite finished, and it was like an awkward sentence, so I hovered." As McCarthy prepared to leave the stage, Haines followed him, leading to an uncomfortable moment. "I was following him, and when he left, I got the heat. That was so mortifying. His body language was like, 'Girl, enough.'" This led Haines to reach out to McCarthy's representatives to apologize.

“I write our PR press 'cause she works with them, and I was like, 'Can you apologize for me? I just was really excited,'" Haines said. "And she was like, 'Don't worry about it. He loved what you had to say.' But I was like, not like she's gonna tell me, yes, super weird and socially awkward, girl, stop."

Despite the awkwardness, Haines had nothing but praise for McCarthy, who discussed his new documentary during the episode. The film revisits the origins of the Brat Pack label and how it impacted its members. McCarthy, in his witty manner, noted, "Well, I thought it would be good while we were all still ambulatory." 


In that vein, he turned 60 last year and his relationship to his past started to change. He looked back with more affection. And, what was most interesting thing about the Brat Pack is he hated it at first and now he's come to realize it's probably the biggest professional blessing of his life.

McCarthy's documentary focuses on the growth of a group of young actors who dominated Hollywood in the '80s and had some real impact on pop culture. This group included stars like Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, Jon Cryer, Demi Moore, Ally Sheedy, and Lea Thompson.

Sara Haines opens up about past workplace romance

Sara Haines, co-host of the popular talk show The View, recently shared a personal story about dating a colleague during a past job. During the Thursday, May 23 episode of The View, the 46-year-old TV host reflected on dating a coworker before she married her husband, Max Shifrin. 


She admitted to having "dated someone at the company" when she was single but emphasized the importance of navigating such situations carefully. "There are right ways to do this and wrong ways. Don’t do it in a department where there’s power dynamics." She dated someone in a completely different wing of the building; she did not deal with him daily.

Although Haines did not specify where this workplace romance took place, it is known that she married Max Shifrin in 2014, having left NBC in 2013 to join ABC.

She further added that he was a lawyer, and that's why, when he informed her, "it had to be disclosed to HR." And she was like, "What? We’re a thing, right?"

Her cohost, Sunny Hostin, then inquired about the aftermath of the relationship, asking, "What happens, Sara, when you break up and you’ve seen each other naked and now you’ve got to walk by each other?”

Haines responded to that by saying that awkwardness in the office is not unique to romantic relationships. There are a lot of dynamics in offices that are weird, it’s called being a grown-a-- adult. "It was fine, we dated for years, it was great."


After this workplace relationship, Haines met her now-husband Shifrin through a dating app. 

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