Jon Cryer Reveals He Didn't Know Demi Moore Was 'Struggling With a Drug Problem' While Dating Her; Details Inside

Jon Cryer revealed that he had no clue about Demi Moore’s struggle with drug addiction, and only came to know about it a couple of weeks before they finished shooting for No Small Affair.

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Jon Cryer Was Unaware Of Demi Moore's Drug Addiction While Dating Her
Demi Moore (PC: Instagram/demimoore)

Trigger Warning: This article contains mentions of drug use.

Jon Cryer and Demi Moore’s relationship was no small affair. While speaking to PEOPLE magazine, Cryer reflected on his brief romance with his actress, who he co-starred with in a film. Whilst in this shortlived affair, the actor revealed that he had no clue about Moore’s struggle with drug addiction, and only came to know about it a couple of weeks before they finished shooting for No Small Affair, the 1984 rom-com.

Jon Cryer speaks about his relationship with Demi Moore

Cryer spoke to PEOPLE magazine, revealing that Moore and his love blossomed while on the sets of No Small Affair. “We dated for a short time while we were working on No Small Affair, but I guess our particular affair was, in fact, pretty small,” quipped the actor, also known for his role in Two and A Half Men.

“She was already struggling with a drug problem. One that I was blissfully unaware of until a couple of weeks before the movie ended," Cryer said, referring to Moore's addiction issues, which led her to a rehab in the 80s.

She relapsed in 2012, and this time went into rehab for addiction as well as an eating disorder.

All the troubles aside, Cryer believed that the actress, who has now become a cultural icon, would be a great star in the future. For him, Moore bore a perfect “vulnerability, toughness and beauty,” and he was sure that this would propel her to a larger stage. 


Cryer called Moore incredibly charismatic, who knew everyone in the film business. Nonetheless, both of them were super nervous about starring as leads in a feature film. 

Jon Cryer on the famed Brat Pack 

Cryer then discussed the times when Moore got the membership to the Brat Pack, the famed group that featured young actors of the time who frequently starred in coming-of-age films. Rob Lowe and Judd Nelson were also part of the pack amongst many others. The actor considered the members “cool kids,” and did not think of himself as one. 

While No Small Affair did not perform as well as expected at the box office, the individual careers of the two lead stars did reach great heights. Moore became one of the highest-paid actresses in the 90s, and Cryer bagged roles in some of the most prestigious projects, including Two and A Half Men, NCIS, and Pretty in Pink. 


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