Chris Brown Hits Back At 'Blackballing' Claims After Performing To Sold Out Crowd At 11:11 Tour Opener

Chris Brown’s fans were seen showing him strong support during his recent concert on the 11:11 tour. Learn how the star responds.

Published on Jun 07, 2024  |  03:17 PM IST |  43.3K
Chris Brown performs at a packed concert
Chris Brown (Instagram)

The recently held concert of Chris Brown in Detroit was seen to be all packed with his die-hard fans screaming their hearts out. It was surely a sight to witness, as the Under the Influence singer didn't just give his best performance but even brought a few tricks that impressed the concertgoers. 

However, there were some strong words shared by the artist during his performance. What were the words, and why did he say them? Let’s learn….

Chris Brown talks about being blackballed 

The recent concert of the Look at Me Now artist surely proves that his fans have seemingly moved on from the mistakes he made in the past and have begun to support him strongly again. 

It also looks like the longtime claims made by Chris Brown about only the music industry being against him and not his fans are true. 

Looking at the amazing crowd that had been portraying strong energy through his concert at Little Caesar's Arena, the Wall to Wall artist then addressed the crowd by saying, "For a n**** they say is blackballed, this don't look blackballed to me!!!"

His fans at the Wednesday concert were not just impressed by the set list he brought forth during his grand performance but even witnessed something unusual and surprising. 


The concert opened with a Michael Jackson voiceover, following which Breezy was seen flying over the crowd with a few performers, with the help of wires. 

With all of that, he even brought a rotating platform that has become a hugely popular prop during his tour.

Why has Chris Brown been blackballed?

The artist has been repeatedly addressing that the music industry is against him. His comments about the industry come as he has become a celebrity who was included in the cancel culture after the 2009 incident.

Chris Brown had physically assaulted his ex-girlfriend and another huge name in the music industry, Rihanna, in the year mentioned. 

During this year's NBA All-Star Weekend, which took place in February, the Call Me Every Day artist alleged that he was not invited to play the game. 

Following this, he went on to rant on Instagram, stating that he was first invited to play “the all-star game this year!” However, the gig was canceled “because of their sponsors, like Ruffles.”


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When did Chris Brown attack Rihanna?
Chris Brown attacked Rihanna in the year 2009.

How old is Chris Brown?
Born on May 5, 1989 Chris Brown is 35 years old.

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