Days of Our Lives Spoilers: How Do Brady and Theresa's Directives Shape Tate and Holly's Paths?

In Monday's episode of Days of our Lives, April 15; Unexpected guests and financial woes shake things up, while Brady and Theresa's orders lead to surprising outcomes for Tate and Holly.

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers (Instagram)

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the hit series Days of Our Lives.

On Monday's episode of Days of Our Lives, April 15, Chanel and Johnny's honeymoon gets interrupted by an unexpected visit from Julie during a snowstorm. Seeking shelter from the sudden weather, Julie ends up at the Horton cabin where Chanel and Johnny are staying. However, their fun takes a turn when Chanel goes missing.

Days of Our Lives spoilers and highlights:

Meanwhile, Sloan faces financial struggles after paying Leo blackmail money, leaving her unable to pay rent for two months. But her luck changes when wealthy client Stefan DiMera hires her for legal defense. Although Stefan is guilty, Sloan sees this as an opportunity to earn money and help him.

In another storyline, Brady and Theresa instruct EJ to admit his mistake in Tate's arrest at a press conference. EJ complies, but Brady and Theresa also demand that Tate stay away from Holly. Surprisingly, Tate is pleased with the situation because Holly wants to see him more when their parents disapprove. He agrees to follow their orders, knowing he'll soon be back with Holly.


Previously on Days of Our Lives:

In yesterday's Days of our Lives, in the hospital, Paulina undergoes treatment while managing work on her devices. Sarah brings a card from Abe, expressing love. Later, Abe video chats with Paulina, urging her to rest, but she's preoccupied with work issues, including an unexpected press conference by EJ.


Meanwhile, at the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie discusses Konstantin's presence with Xander. Konstantin hopes to repay Maggie's kindness by taking her to Greece someday. Xander expresses concern about Konstantin's background and Maggie's return to work. Later, Julie, feeling overwhelmed, plans to leave home for a while.


As Paulina deals with work matters, Abe supports her, mentioning a snowstorm near Johnny and Chanel's location. Paulina ponders bringing them back home for safety. Thomas explores the mansion and finds Konstantin's card. At the park, Konstantin and Maggie share a moment, while Xander expresses distrust towards Konstantin to Sarah.

Meanwhile, in the cabin, Chanel and Johnny's honeymoon is interrupted by Julie, who promises not to intrude. Xander expresses concerns about Konstantin to Victoria. Despite Maggie's support, Xander remains wary of Konstantin's past.

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