Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Jack Faces Tough Decision As Chad Seeks Permission To Exhume Abigail's Grave

In upcoming Days Of Our Lives, June 10, 2024: Jack is put in a difficult situation when Chad asks for permission to exhume Abigail's grave. Meanwhile, Alex and Xander's true identities cause tension unveiled.

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Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the hit series Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, July 10, reveal that Jack finds himself in a tough spot when he discovers what his son-in-law Chad really wants.

Chad has decided that the only way to confirm whether Abigail is truly dead is to exhume her grave. However, as her husband, Chad doesn’t have the authority to do this and needs Jack’s permission.

Days of Our Lives spoilers and highlights for July 10

Jack is understandably upset by this request, especially since it stems from information given by Abigail’s killer, Clyde. Meanwhile, Alex isn’t Victor’s long-lost son, but Xander is.

This makes it ironic when Justin expresses to Xander how much he misses Alex and is saddened by recent events. Alex, who is oblivious to this, may soon find himself seeking Justin’s forgiveness.

Xander and Sarah plan to get married, and Alex and Theresa are also engaged. Maggie believes it would be wonderful to have a double wedding, bringing the family together in a celebration of love and unity.

However, with the complex relationships involved, things might not go as smoothly as she hopes.

Leo’s ego is soaring after his mother praises him and Marlena confirms he’s her favorite patient. Feeling confident, Leo starts pursuing men he finds attractive, regardless of whether they are interested or available. He believes he deserves love from anyone he wants.


Days of Our Lives July 9 Recap

In Yesterday's Days of Our Lives, Theresa arrives at the townhouse before her son Tate leaves for lacrosse camp. Brady, having just returned from taking Eric to the airport, informs her that Tate isn't there, causing Theresa to worry he's with Holly.

Brady reassures her that Tate will be far away from Holly soon. Theresa then confronts Brady about suggesting to Alex that she's using him for his money.

Brady admits he thought she might have learned about Alex being Victor's heir before getting involved with him. In the park, Tate meets Aaron and gives him his ID in case they check at camp. Alex, out for a run, overhears their conversation and confronts them, knowing their plan.

An angry EJ throws a glass in the DiMera living room and vows revenge. Holly enters and asks why he's so upset. EJ calms down and tells her Gabi revealed that Jude is Eric's son. Holly expresses sympathy, but EJ says he already knew.


Later, in the Square, Stefan demands to know why Gabi exposed EJ’s secret. Gabi explains she did it to prevent Eric from suffering as she did in prison, but Stefan thinks she just wanted to get back at EJ.

At the airport, Nicole stops Eric from boarding the plane and tells him that Jude is his son. She recaps Gabi’s claims from the press conference and hands Jude to Eric, who is moved to tears. 

Back at the townhouse, Theresa feels insulted by Brady’s accusation and asserts that she's a changed person. Brady apologizes, noting that if she was only after Alex’s money, she wouldn't have agreed to sign the prenup.

In the park, Tate begs Alex not to tell his mom about their plan. Alex assures him he won't, sharing his own experience with fake IDs, but warns Aaron not to drink and drive. The boys are relieved as Tate gives Aaron his plane ticket, planning to spend the summer with Holly.


In the Square, Stefan confronts Gabi, who declares her hatred for EJ. She recounts her time in prison and says EJ got what he deserved. Stefan says they can't just forget about it.

At the mansion, EJ explains to Holly that he kept the secret about Jude to prevent Nicole from reuniting with Eric. Holly understands his desperation but disapproves. After she leaves, EJ smirks at Stefano’s portrait. 

Eric decides not to take the job in Paris and thanks Gabi for her actions. Meanwhile, EJ and Stefan share a drink, with EJ lamenting the loss of Nicole. When Nicole returns, she tells EJ she wants a divorce. 

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