Days of Our Lives Spoilers: What Shocking Revelations Await Sarah and Xander Amidst Theresa's Growing Deception?

In Thursday's episode of Days of Our Lives, APril 25, 2024: Theresa's hidden agendas surface as she pretends to be a friendly roommate to Alex while scheming behind the scenes.

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers (Instagram)

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the hit series Days of Our Lives.

In Thursday's episode of Days of Our Lives, Konstantin finds himself at the center of attention as he drops a bombshell about a wedding secret to Sarah and Xander. Meanwhile, he also manipulates John and Steve, causing turmoil.

Days of Our Lives spoilers and highlights

Theresa, on the other hand, pretends to be just a friendly roommate to Alex while secretly harboring hidden agendas. She flirts with him, giving him massages, all the while keeping a close watch on the fortune they ensured he inherited instead of Xander.

Feeling guilty about her role in the downfall of Bella Magazine, Theresa confides in Brady, seeking comfort from him. However, Brady remains skeptical of Kristen's claims about Alex's true feelings.

Kristen, determined to create chaos and jealousy, decides to take her manipulations up a notch. She suggests that Alex spend the night with her, intending to make Brady jealous and Theresa envious.

Previously on Days of Our Lives:

In yesterday's Days of Our Lives, Roman puts up a sign at the Pub saying he needs help. Harris comes by, hoping Roman will let Ava stay with him. Roman agrees, but only for a short time.



At Ava's apartment, she makes coffee for Wendy and Tripp. She offers to cook breakfast since she's staying longer. Wendy acts nice about it but isn't happy. When Ava goes out to look for a new place to live, Tripp thanks Wendy for being okay with his mom staying. Wendy says she gets it but decides not to go out with Stephanie.

Kristen and Stefan talk about proving Gabi didn't kill Li and making Kristen the boss at DiMera Enterprises. They wonder who might have wanted Li dead. Kristen says she's good at finding secrets. Meanwhile, Everett sits in his room, upset about something. He throws some papers on the floor.

Outside the Pub, Stephanie tells Jada that Everett signed some papers as someone else. Jada is happy about it. Everett shows up and acts cool with Jada, ignoring Stephanie. He goes into the Pub. Stephanie asks Jada about Everett's strange behavior. Tripp arrives, and Jada leaves to meet Rafe.


Harris tells Ava she can stay with him until she finds her own place. They plan to eat at the Bistro and search for a book. Stefan meets Rafe at the Bistro and warns him to stay out of trouble. Later, Harris and Ava talk with Rafe and Jada. Ava makes a rude comment about Jada moving in with Rafe. Kristen visits Wendy and suggests they start a scholarship in Li's name.

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