Designing Women Alum Delta Burke Says Substance Abuse Days Was 'Bad' But 'Worth It' Because Of THIS Reason; Find Out

Delta Burke's candid revelations on the Glamorous Trash podcast underscore her resilience and the profound impact of finding love amid life's challenges. Know what she has to say!

Published on Apr 25, 2024  |  01:01 PM IST |  40.8K
Alum Delta Burke Says She’s Grateful For Hubby Gerald McRaney
Alum Delta Burke and Gerald McRaney (PC: Getty Images)

Disclaimer: This article contains mention of substance abuse.

Delta Burke, star of the iconic sitcom 'Designing Women' recently shared how she overcame personal struggles to find love and acceptance. Burke, now 67, spoke candidly on the Glamorous Trash podcast about her struggles with body image and substance abuse during her Hollywood years. Despite harsh criticism over her appearance, Burke relied on her husband of 34 years, actor Gerald McRaney, for solace and unconditional love.

Alum Delta Burke and Gerald McRaney (PC: Getty Images)

Delta Bruke Suffered A Lot Back In Her Days But Her Hubby As Her Knight In Shining Armour

A difficult period of Delta Burke's life has brought her to see the silver lining.

After turning to crystal meth for weight loss, the 67-year-old Designing Women alum opened up on the Glamorous Trash podcast about meeting her husband of 34 years, Gerald McRaney.

"Whatever went down that was terrible, it was worth it because I met him,” she told host Chelsea Devantez. “No one loved me completely for me, not even my mother or grandmother. They would judge what I looked like. He never did."


Before she left Designing Women in 1991, Burke admitted that she was helped by McRaney during some of the hardest times in her life.

Delta Burke expressed deep appreciation for her current life alongside her husband, Gerald McRaney, of This Is Us fame. In her relationship with McRaney, she feels safe and cherished. She now loves her life genuinely. Although Burke struggled with unfulfilled aspirations in the past, she found joy in her career as an actor, particularly in making people laugh.


Her career-defining sitcom Designing Women had just begun its second season, while his big-screen debut series Simon & Simon was just beginning. The couple first met on Simon & Simon, where Burke appeared as a guest.

Gerald McRaney and Delta Burke shared light-hearted anecdotes about their whirlwind romance. McRaney jokingly proposed on their second date, indicating their immediate commitment, Burke recalled. In response, McRaney admitted he wanted to keep her, even amid other suitors fighting for her attention. 

After getting married within two years of dating, the couple joked they "survived" their first Emmy outing together. McRaney expressed his perception that married actresses understand the industry's demands better than anyone else. 

Burke was praised for her understanding nature, highlighting her support during challenging times on set, underscoring their shared ability to navigate showbiz's "insanity."

Alum Delta Burke and Gerald McRaney (PC: Getty Images)

Delta Burke And Gerald McRaney Are Still Very Much In Love

During her podcast appearance, the actress detailed the scrutiny she faced over her weight during the podcast appearance while on Designing Women and how she was "emotionally too fragile" to deal with the "incredibly ugly" narratives about her size.

Delta Burke talked about feeling powerless against negativity and scrutiny as an actress in her podcast interview. After trying to defend herself against lies and ugliness, she realized she couldn't do it alone. Her body language changed on set as she tried to cope by withdrawing as a result of the pressure.

Burke turned to crystal meth when prescription pills stopped working for her during drama school in London. People weren't aware of the drug at the time, she said. She didn't snort it as advised, instead mixing it into cranberry juice, which she drank before work on Filthy Rich. She went five days without eating while still being criticized.

Looking back, Burke now realizes her beauty despite the hurtful comments. Since those tough times, she's come to appreciate her worth and strength.

“And they were still saying, 'Your butt's too thick. Your legs are too big.' And I now look back at those pictures and say, 'I was a freaking goddess,'" she said.

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