EXCLUSIVE: Emily Blunt Calls The Fall Guy ‘100 Percent A Love Letter’ And Talks About Her Love For Action Rom-Coms

In an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla, Emily Blunt spoke about her upcoming film The Fall Guy and opened up about her love for action romantic comedies. Read on to know more.

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Emily Blunt talks about her upcoming film The Fall Guy  (Universal Pictures)
Emily Blunt says The Fall Guy is '100% a love letter' (Universal Pictures)
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  • Emily Blunt talks about The Fall Guy
  • Emily Blunt opens up about her on-screen chemistry with Ryan Gosling
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Renowned action and comedy filmmaker David Leitch is all set to make a comeback with another blockbuster, The Fall Guy, which is set to hit theatres next month. Starring Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt in lead roles, the film explores the world of stunts and stuntmen who risk everything for the superstars while being the most underrated individuals on a movie set.

Ahead of the release of the film, Pinkvilla exclusively learnt about Emily Blunt’s love for action romantic comedies as well as her thoughts on The Fall Guy. During the conversation, the actress also revealed why the audience should watch the film on theatres upon its release.

Emily Blunt talks about her love for action rom-coms

In an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla, Emily Blunt opened up about her love for action rom-coms and revealed how she grew up watching the genre. “I think romance in movies has been left in the dust, and it's sad because I grew up watching those incredible action romantic comedies,” she said.

The actress went on to speak about her upcoming film, saying, “The Fall Guy is 100% a love letter and a throwback to those films that are so nostalgic for me. I believe romance is still alive and kicking in everyone's desires and hearts, so if you can capture it on the big screen and make people laugh, then I'm in!” She further added that it would be "criminal" to not see The Fall Guy in a theatre since “it was made with so much passion and love for the cinematic experience.”



Emily Blunt gives insight into her on-screen chemistry with Ryan Gosling

In the wake of the Barbenheimer phenomenon, Emily Blunt also talked about her chemistry with The Fall Guy co-star Ryan Gosling. “Yes, there was a lot of banter, and I love that Dave didn't want to call ‘cut’ on it, as we rarely stuck to the script,” the actress began. “I feel like every day we would improv and stretch everything around,” she added.

“Ryan, especially, was constantly on the search for something funnier and more exciting. That’s what's wonderful about working with him, as he's so alive and spontaneous,” Blunt mentioned. “I love working like that, and especially when you're trying to create a love story and something that people can see themselves in,” she explained. “Our characters are a bit of a mess, trying to figure out their feelings for each other in an incredibly real yet hopefully charismatic way,” the Oppenheimer star concluded.

Emily Blunt on set of The Fall Guy (Universal Pictures)

About The Fall Guy

David Leitch’s highly awaited The Fall Guy presents a hilarious and explosive take on the world of stunts and stuntmen. The action comedy stars Ryan Gosling as Colt Seavers and Emily Blunt as Jody Moreno. Colt, a battered and past-his-prime stuntman finds himself working on a film set with Tom Ryder (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), a famous actor for whom he had doubled long ago.

When Tom goes missing and the film, which is being directed by debut director Jody Moreno, Colt's ex-girlfriend, is in danger of being shut down, Colt volunteers to find Tom and save Jody's debut film. The Fall Guy is scheduled to release in theatres across the world, available in English and Hindi, on 3rd May 2024.


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