Falling for Christmas Review: Lindsay Lohan's comeback Christmas flick is breezy but far from iconic

Lindsay Lohan makes her comeback with a Christmas romantic-comedy that is cheerful but not unique with Falling for Christmas. Read Pinkvilla's review of the film below.

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Falling for Christmas review.
Falling for Christmas releases on Netflix on November 10.

Name: Falling for Christmas

Director: Janeen Damian

Cast: Lindsay Lohan

Rating: 2.5 / 5

Language: English

Streaming Platform: Netflix


Kicking off the Christmas release calendar this year is Falling for Christmas starring Lindsay Lohan in her big comeback. Revolving around hotel heiress Sierra Belmont (Lindsay Lohan) who has been flown up by her father Beauregard (Jack Wagner) in his private plane to his luxury ski resort to discuss her new role in his business as the Vice President of Atmosphere. But Sierra has other plans with her British social media influencer boyfriend Tad (George Young). Sierra is assigned a personal assistant (Chase Ramsey) and a glam squad to prepare her for lunch with Daddy but before that fate intervenes as Belmont meets with a catastrophic fall, leaving Tad knocked out on one side of the mountain and Sierra on the other just as the couple are about to announce their engagement on social media. Sierra soon gets rescued by widowed single dad Jake Russell (Chord Overstreet) who begins to take care of her after Sierra suffers from severe amnesia due to her fall, thus forgetting her identity. 

While staying up at Jake's North Star lodge amid her memory loss phase, Sierra begins to learn the normal things that she never got a chance to do because of her heiress life. From learning how to make her own bed to, gaining skills in the kitchen, Sierra begins to grow close to Jake's daughter Avy (Olivia Perez) and his mother-in-law Alejandra (Alejandra Flores). Sierra who adopts the name Sarah until she remembers her true self also volunteers to help Jake as he finds himself struggling to keep his bed and breakfast in business while competing alongside snazzy resorts. With Sierra and Jake forming a close bond over the holiday season, will their feelings remain the same after Belmont remembers her true self is what is left to see.

Plus Points: 

Falling for Christmas ticks all the boxes when it comes to holiday classic tropes. The snowy landscapes are beautiful, there's the familiar Christmas decor that is enough to bring you joy from across the screen. Yet another element that is crucial for every Christmas rom-com is the inclusion of the epic Xmas tracks and lucky for us Falling for Christmas does deliver on that front. For Lohan fans, there are a lot of callbacks to her past iconic screen appearances including a Mean Girls reference where she sings Jingle Bell Rock and also a reminder to Just My Luck as she attempts at doing laundry which once again leads to a rather messy outcome. Lindsay's comeback has been long-awaited and the beginning of "Lohanaissance" as fans are calling it has been a decent one as Falling for Christmas turns out to be a breezy watch for those who thoroughly enjoy the Yuletide romance genre. 

Minus Points: 

Lindsay Lohan's comeback film does have a hangover of Overboard. One of the bigger disappointments in the film is also a not-so-memorable meet cute. For a romantic comedy set in the holiday season, you would expect the lead couple in the film to have an iconic meet cute but instead what we get here is a fairly forgettable accidental cocoa spill on Sierra's "Valenyagi." Another problem in the film is also the character of Tad (George Young) whose influencer talk gets tiresome faster than you would imagine. There's also a last-minute twist related to Tag's character that hardly comes as a surprise. 


The holiday season is officially that time of the year when even the most pessimistic people begin to believe in miracles and happy endings. The charm of every holiday classic has been that it ends on a saccharine-filled note, that either makes you reach for the tissue box or makes you want to gulp down an entire tub of ice cream. Off late, the kind of romantic comedies including in the sub-genre of Christmas that have come out, none f them have given me that feeling. In terms of Lindsay Lohan's latest film, while Falling for Christmas has a quite straightforward storyline, it's the lack of chemistry that pulls this film downward. Lohan who isn't all that new to the genre of films that have popcorn entertainment value does showcase her best side and reminds us that she may have been on a break but she hasn't forgotten acting although in her second innings as an actor I do believe she deserves something better than this. 

In terms of the storyline, Lohan does a good job at showcasing Sierra's journey from being the caviar-eating, spoilt heiress to eventually embracing a more independent approach as well as being selfless when required. The idea that Jake and Sierra bond over shared grief of him having lost his wife while she mourns the loss of her mother are among the subtle things that do work for the film. As for the obvious problems in the story, it's a matter of four days that Sierra begins to stay with Jake and his family and the transformation she goes through seems a bit too hurried not to mention there's no one looking for Ms Belmont in the time that she's forging her new love story.  There's also attempts made at adding meta elements such as Lohan's Sierra waking up to Netflix's tudum logo tone while A Castle for Christmas pops up on her TV as the platform opens. In terms of performances, while Lohan doesn't disappoint, the same cannot be said about her co-stars, Chord Overstreet and George Young. 


  •  Lindsay Lohan's charm remains unmissable
  • Inclusion of holiday classics puts you in a cheerful mode
  • Callbacks to Lindsay Lohan's Mean Girls past


Falling for Christmas doesn't turn out to be the best holiday season rom-com out there as it becomes merely yet another addition to the long list of films that have in the past used similar tropes. For Lohan's die-hard fans though, it's a moment of celebration as the actress makes a screen return. 

Falling for Christmas review

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Credits: Pinkvilla, Netflix

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