'False Alarm': Glen Powell Reacts As Viral Date Story About Sister's Friend Turns Out To Be Urban Myth

Glen Powell debunks the viral story of his sister's friend going on a creepy date he had previously shared that turned out to be urban myth.

Published on Jun 11, 2024  |  04:02 PM IST |  16.3K
Instagram / Glen Powell
Instagram / Glen Powell

Recently, Glen Powell narrated a horrifying story about his sister’s friend going on a date with a cannibal, which is actually an urban legend that has been circulating since around 2001. 

He gave an account of the story while on the Therapuss podcast with Jake Shane on May 22, 2024. The clip of him telling this creepy story went viral on social media gathering more than 8 million views.

Glen Powell corrects himself by calling his viral cannibal story bluff

According to him, the man on their date offered her a massage using a weird lotion. She felt uncomfortable and left his place. Later, her skin started feeling itchy and she had to go to the doctor.

The doc explained to her that the lotion used on her had flesh-eating ingredients that were used for destroying skin so that human beings could feed on it. This was said to be also accompanied by the discovery of several dead female bodies in his house.

He shared this story last month when promoting his new Netflix movie Hit Man, and part of the podcast clip has recently gone viral on social media. 

Powell, however, took to X to explain that it was a false narrative and the story was nothing but an urban legend. He wrote, "Props to my little sister’s friend who told her this dating story. I’ve been telling this for years. I’m questioning my whole life now. False alarm. Back rubs are back."


X / Glen Powell

Glen Powell's storytelling had viewers glued to their seats

Powell tells the hair-raising dating fiction in the podcast where he describes the viral urban legend. He mistakenly attributes the characters of the story to his younger sister's friend and her date. However, the fact-checking has been done as Powell has confessed on X (formerly Twitter) himself. None of it is true.

Glen Powell managed to grab viewers' attention not only through his story but also through his new Netflix movie Hit Man released May 24, 2024.

The official description of the film reads, "Professional killer Gary Johnson breaks protocol to help a desperate woman trying to flee an abusive husband and finds himself falling for her." He embodies the fake hitman in Hit Man, a wonderful comedy by Richard Linklater.

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