‘Felt Like I Was In Quicksand': Daniel Stern Opens Up About 'Terrifying Experience' Of Working In 90s Sitcom Which Fell Apart

Daniel Stern takes a look back at his terrifying experience of working on 90s sitcoms. The actor recalls how he felt embarrassed after the whole experience.

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Trigger Warning: The article contains references to sexual harassment 

Daniel Stern is looking back at his time on the 90s sitcom Partners. The actor remembers his time as a whistleblower. According to Page Six, the exceptional actor spoke about his time on Partner. The actor spoke about his terrifying experience in an interview with Page Six and how the show fell apart after facing multiple accusations. The actor shared this and many of his personal and professional experiences in his memoir, Home and Alone, which was published on May 21, 2024. Meanwhile, Daniel Stern is one of the legendary stars. He is an actor, director, artist, and screenwriter. He is widely recognized for his role in the all-time favorite movie franchise, Home Alone. 

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Daniel Stern recalled his experience working on a 90s sitcom

Daniel Stern is reliving his time as a whistleblower on a 1990s show. According to Page Six of his new memoir, Home and Alone, the actor discussed how he was initially excited to come on to star in Partners in 1999. Unfortunately, the project fell apart due to sexual harassment allegations and a multimillion-dollar lawsuit filed against the Home Alone star.

In the book, he recounts his reaffirmation of his initial enthusiasm for the series. Stern claims that shortly after they began filming the pilot, women on set began confiding in him, stating that "Brett and Jeremy were sexually harassing them, and they were afraid." The Breaking Away star alleges he informed the other executive producers of what he had heard. but unfortunately, he was allegedly encouraged to just keep quiet about it because they would handle it. 

Stern claims that he was eventually summoned to a meeting with Columbia TV executives, who were supposedly irritated with him for raising his concerns. After spending a great deal on lawyers, an agreement was reached. The actor had to repay the money he had been paid for the show, or the lawsuit would be dismissed. 


In an interview with Page Six, he said, "It was a terrifying experience. I couldn't understand what was going on. I felt like I was in quicksand. What began as a wonderful thing has turned sour." Stern also stated that the incident harmed his career and left him feeling embarrassed and afraid of the industry in some ways.

Daniel Stern’s memoir Home and Alone

Daniel Stern, who played every Millennial's favorite clumsy burglar in Home Alone and its sequel, has documented his decades-long career in his biography, Home and Alone, which is now available. Stern's debut book will be deemed a silver tuna by admirers of the actor. who has already been in City Slickers, Diner, and narrated The Wonder Years. 

Stern describes battling with dyslexia and dropping out of high school at the age of seventeen. When he moved to New York to pursue his acting career,  The Bethesda, Maryland, native slept on a mattress recovered from a brothel or drug den and crammed into a closet that he rented for $70 per month. He recalls fights with his co-stars, Mickey Rourke and Patrick Dempsey, and explains why he accepted City Slickers II. 


Meanwhile, Daniel Stern's memoir Home and Alone was released on May 21, 2024.

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