Find Me Falling TRAILER: Harry Connick Jr. And Agni Scott Stars In Netflix's New Rom-Com

Connick Jr. does not fall far from the tree, as he is set to play the character of a brooding rockstar looking for a career break that follows with a life-changing twist.

Published on Jun 28, 2024  |  12:39 PM IST |  47.2K
Harry Connick Jr. And Agni Scott Spark Romance In Netflix's Find Me Falling Trailer
Harry Connick Jr. (YouTube/Netflix/Find Me Falling Official Trailer)

Trigger Warning: This article contains references to suicide

Netflix released the trailer for its latest rom-com, Find Me Falling which stars Harry Connick Jr. and Agni Scott in key roles. The trailer offers compelling glimpses into the romantic storyline and digs deeper into the joys of love and life. 

Connick Jr. does not fall far from the tree, as he is set to play the character of a brooding rockstar looking for a career break. That is when he stumbles into an old flame he’d been waiting for a lifetime.

Harry Connick Jr. and Agni Scott tease romance in new rom-com

The first trailer for Find Me Falling, which dropped on Tuesday, June 25, showcases Harry Connick Jr., 56, as rockstar John Allman who sparks an old flame with Agni Scott’s character. The filming of the Netflix rom-com took place in the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. 

A part of the official synopsis for the movie reads, “Coming off a flop album and his biggest hit's dwindling popularity, aging rock star John Allman (Connick) decides to take a break from his career to reclaim his spark.” 

The trailer shows Allman buying a cliffside home in Cyprus which later turns out to be a “suicide hotspot.” Regardless, the rockstar continues to build a life and meets new people before stumbling on a lifelong old flame who had once mysteriously disappeared. 

Therefore, his break from music becomes a whole new life story that gives Allman the ultimate answer to life. 


Twists, love, laughter, and more await as Find Me Falling unravels in the serenity of Cyprus.

The Netflix film is helmed by Stelana Kliris, who marked the Grammy winner as perfect for the role of John Allman, per People. She was looking for an actor who could add depth to the character and simultaneously blow the audience away with his musical flair, and Harry Connick Jr. was the answer. 

Other cast members include Ali Fumiko Whitney, Tony Demetriou, Aggeliki Filippidow, Lea Maleni, Athina Roditou, and Clarence Smith. 

Harry Connick Jr. explains what his character is about

With Find Me Falling treading closer to its premiere, Harry Connick Jr. opened up about his upcoming role as the rockstar looking for inspiration. He reflected on his character saying it was about a guy who is enlightened with what is most “important in life.” But the realization does not come easy as “He has to go very far away to figure that out, but he comes around realizing that the things that are the closest to him" are all that he needs, the Emmy-winning actor told People. 


On the other hand, Agni Scott raved about his talented co-star. Scott and Connick had briefly talked before filming their first scene together and she recounted him as a kind, open, and generous person who simply made her work easier and “effortless,” Scott said. 

Whitney, who plays Scott’s daughter in Find Me Falling, shared to People, how fun of a trip it was to the Mediterranean island. She had tagged along with Connick and his daughters to explore the beautiful location, devoured ravishing meals, and chilled with her on-screen mom, Scott. 

Find Me Falling will premiere on Netflix on July 19. 

Disclaimer: If you know someone who is having suicidal thoughts, anxiety, going through depression, or is suffering from a serious mental illness, reach out to a nearby doctor, mental health expert, or an NGO for immediate help.​ There are several helplines available for the same.

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