Hacks Season 3: Jean Smart's Deborah and Hannah Einbinder's Ava Have a Much-Awaited Reunion in New Trailer

The season 3 trailer of Hacks brings back two major characters in front of each other with a scene that develops the interest of the viewers. Here are the details of the recently released trailer.

Published on Apr 17, 2024  |  03:02 PM IST |  34K
Hacks bring back the long lost friends together
Hacks (YouTube)

The trailer for Hacks Season 3 has left fans scratching their heads over a puzzling development. Deborah and Ava, two pivotal characters, have been reintroduced to one another, igniting curiosity about the intriguing storyline that awaits in the upcoming season.

To unravel the mystery and build anticipation for this highly-anticipated installment, let's dissect the tantalizing clues unveiled in the gripping trailer.

Hacks Season 3 trailer

Max's newly released trailer for Season 3 of Hacks thrusts us into Jean Smart's dazzling portrayal of Deborah Vance, basking in the limelight of her revived fame and grand lifestyle. However, the comeback of Hannah Einbinder's Ava, Deborah's long-departed mentee, casts an intriguing shadow.

Ava is taken aback to discover new writers collaborating with Deborah, a stark contrast from the previous season when Deborah let her go to pursue her writing ambitions. The trailer captures Deborah's confidence, surrounded by adoring fans and paparazzi. When a reporter inquires, "Your career has never been hotter. Did you ever think you'd be back on top?" Deborah's resounding "Yes" speaks volumes.

But the series promises more surprises. After red carpet galas and photoshoots, Deborah unexpectedly reunites with Ava in an elevator encounter. Prior to this, Ava's agent, Jimmy LuSaque, informs her that she's been replaced by two new writers, deeming it "a compliment, isn't it?"



Ava's disappointment culminates in an awkward elevator run-in with Deborah, setting the stage for an intriguing dynamic in the upcoming season.

Conversation between Deborah and Ava

A long gasp precedes an extended flashback, revisiting the fractured relationship between Deborah and Ava, who were estranged for nearly a year. While Deborah ascends the stairs of fame, Ava recalls her harrowing experiences and a streak of bad luck. However, the trailer hints at their unexpected reunion and collaborative efforts.

The upcoming season promises a comedic feast, with Ava asserting, "This isn't the same as before. No more jokes about my physical appearance." Yet, Deborah's housekeeper, Joesefina (Rose Abdoo), playfully quips, "Ava, do you need me to give your hair CPR? Because it is limp and lifeless."

Deborah reminisces, "I was perfectly content being a gorgeous Vegas comic, and then you come along and make me want more." Ava retorts, exasperated, "So you're mad at me for pushing you to be better?"

The Emmy-winning show welcomes new additions, Paul W. Downs and Megan Stalter, to its ensemble for Season 3, alongside returning cast members Carl Clemons-Hopkins, Kaitlin Olson, Christopher McDonald, and more.

Prepare for an unforgettable ride as Hacks Season 3 premieres on Max on May 2, 2024, unveiling the next chapter in Deborah and Ava's tumultuous yet compelling dynamic.

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When will season 3 of Hacks release?
Season 3 of Hacks is set to premiere on May 2, 2024, on Max.

What role does Rose Abdoo play in Hacks?
Rose Abdoo plays the role of Josefina in Hacks.

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