How Austin Butler’s Character In Dune: Part Two Was Created? Find Out As Character Transformation BTS Goes Viral

Austin Butler shares insights into his character from Dune: Part Two. The actor in a BTS video says that a lot of philosophical thinking went into portraying the character onscreen.

Published on Apr 13, 2024  |  12:20 AM IST |  68.8K
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Austin Butler opens up about his character in Dune: Part Two. The actor portrayed the role of Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen, nephew of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen in the film. As an actor, Butler asked a lot of questions about his role and why the character acts the way he does. The Elvis star shared a sneak peek at his transformation from a human to a deadly villain.

The BTS clip will be available for fans to view at the time of Dune 2’s digital release, director Denis Villeneuve has revealed. The film was highly applauded across the globe for its storyline, performances, and direction. The second part did justice to the first movie of the series. 

What Questions Did Austin Butler Ask About His Character?

In the BTS clip from the second  Dune film, Butler is seen questioning his character and behavior. The actor asked, "We had more conversations about figuring out, 'Why does Feyd act the way he does?' That led into finding Feyd's voice, which sort of came out of this idea of living with the Baron from a very young age and seeing that this is the man who has power.” 


He further adds, "This ends up being in this brutal world where you're leading with fear rather than love. Who do you look up to, and who do you emulate? That's where that came from."


Adding more about his character, Butler shared that he met with Sting, who played the role in the early adaptation of Dune and received the outline of the villain in the movie. He said, "It was so surreal. My mind was blown. He's the best.” The Carrie Diaries’ actor added, "He came up afterward, and he was so, so, lovely and just debonair. I asked him about [starring in the original], and he said he still has the codpiece from the original [Dune], He said he's going to dry clean it and let me wear it if I want to."


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What Did The Director Of Dune Reveal About Austin Butler?

The director, Denis Villeneuve, shared that he was impressed by Butler’s transformation into a psychotic serial killer. The filmmaker said that his character had a great impact on the film. Villeneuve revealed, "Austin portrayed a kind of psychotic serial killer that is a cross between a sword master and Mick Jagger. He's really brought something mesmerizing and hypnotic to the screen."

Dune: Part Two will be available to stream online on Tuesday, April 16.

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