How Did Chris Hemsworth Injure His Back While Shooting For Avengers Endgame's Fat Scenes

Chris Hemsworth hurt his back filming Avengers Endgame's fat scenes, needing medical help. Read on to learn more!

Published on May 24, 2024  |  10:52 AM IST |  39.5K
Chris Hemsworth's Back Injury On Avengers Set
Chris Hemsworth (PC: IMDb)

Chris Hemsworth's transformation into Thor for the Marvel films was no easy task. The costume he wore, weighing over 70 pounds and with silicone sleeves, was not just heavy but also incredibly hot. 

Despite the discomfort, Hemsworth humorously mentioned that his wife and friends seemed more affectionate towards him in the bulky outfit than they did when he sported his usual bodybuilder form.

Costume challenges for Chris Hemsworth as Thor

The weight of the costume caused Hemsworth backaches, which became a concern for the Russos, the directors of the Avengers films. They mentioned in an interview with Business Insider that Hemsworth began feeling the physical strain of the outfit after wearing it multiple times. 

This posed a challenge during filming, as they had to ensure Hemsworth's comfort and health while maintaining continuity in Thor's appearance. Hemsworth's dedication to the role shines through as he endured physical discomfort to bring the iconic character to life on screen.

The directors disclosed that Chris Hemsworth's character, Thor, required him to don a bodysuit. The explanation given was that in addition to filming Endgame, which featured a heavier Thor, they also needed to shoot a few more scenes for Infinity War. Hemsworth had to alternate between the two distinct looks a lot as a result. 

Physical strain for Chris Hemsworth


The directors observed that Hemsworth's back started to suffer as a result of the bodysuit's weight. Considering the physicality required for his duty as the God of Thunder, this was especially concerning. Because of the difficulties in preserving the storyline between the two movies, Hemsworth had to put up with the discomfort of the bodysuit in order to guarantee that Thor's appearance remained constant.

The suit did not harm Hemsworth. The performer would have suffered harm, and there would have been a postponement of a strictly scheduled film in which Thor was a major character. In addition, Anthony Russo noted that a silicone fat suit would be even more perspiration-producing given that a large portion of the "Avengers" films were shot in Georgia during the summer.

Eventually, during a training montage at the start of Thor: Love and Thunder in 2022, Thor lost weight once more. Being a superhero seems less enticing because supermen still need to work out to preserve their extraordinary bodies. Anthony Russo also pointed out that a silicone fat suit would cause considerably more perspiration.


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