'I Didn't Realize How Bad Off I Was': T J Holmes Credits Amy Robach For Saving His Life Amid Mental Health Struggles

T.J. Holmes opened up about his struggles with alcohol, depression, and suicidal thoughts, crediting co-host Amy Robach for her pivotal role in saving him during his darkest days.

Published on Jun 11, 2024  |  11:37 AM IST |  42.5K
T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach (Instagram)

T.J. Holmes has opened up like never before in the most recent episode of his joint podcast with Amy Robach called Amy & T.J.

The former GMA3 host, during the June 10 episode of their podcast, discussed the difficult time in his life, which included struggles with alcohol, depression, and suicidal thoughts. In fact, at one point, his mental health, per him, became so bad that he found himself sleeping on a street bench at night.

“I didn't realize how bad off I was,” Holmes said, adding, “I would walk back and forth in the middle of the night because I didn't want to go home, and I would just walk the streets.” He continued, “[In Manhattan] there's a bench on 14th Street, just west of Union Square, where I have actually slept at night.” To add humor to the evidently heavy talk, Holmes, however, quipped: “I was the best-dressed homeless man you have ever seen in your life.”

Holmes said that Amy Robach pulled him out of his misery, whom he credits “for literally helping save my life.” Amy Robach, though, does not claim any credit for the role she played during Holmes’ darkest days.

‘Sometimes you just need a friend’: Amy Robach played a supportive friend to Holmes amid his mental health struggle

“You saved your life,” Robach told Holmes after he credited her for being his savior during the Monday episode of Amy & T.J. podcast. “You did, and we became best friends,” she added. Robach, Holmes’ co-anchor on GMA3, said that the pair were good friends but co-anchoring the show together for such long hours brought them even closer and they ended up becoming best friends and then more.


“It was amazing to watch you transform to be the best version of yourself,” Robach said of Holmes, adding she knew his heart and his beautiful mind and she knew he was struggling, so she just lent a hand. “Sometimes, you just need a friend. Sometimes, you just need one person to believe in you,” Robach said.

Apparently, running together with Robach helped Holmes pull his head out of the sand. They’d leave the studio and go for a run on the West Side Highway and end the day with a beer, he recalled, saying, “This was happening day after day after day. And so, my good friend became my best friend and then became everything.”

Holmes and Robach’s relationship became public in November 2022, while the two of them were still finalizing their divorces with their respective partners.

About Robach and Holmes’ Amy and T.J. Podcast

Holmes and Robach’s Amy and T.J. Podcast is the couple’s safe place to discuss their relationship, which seems to be going stronger than ever after a turbulent start.


The couple even went to the lengths of discussing the marriage prospect and engagement rings on air. Though they covered the topic of marriage, both admitted that they haven't figured out whether a wedding will be in their future. They, however, have plans in place to elope to Fiji.

If you know someone who is having suicidal thoughts, anxiety, going through depression, or suffering from a serious mental illness, reach out to a nearby doctor, mental health expert, or an NGO for immediate help.​ There are several helplines available for the same.

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What is the name of T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach's joint podcast?
The joint podcast is called Amy & T.J.

How did T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach's relationship evolve while co-anchoring GMA3?
They became best friends and eventually more while co-anchoring GMA3.

When did T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach's relationship become public?
Their relationship became public in November 2022.

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