'I'm Gonna Be Gross': Christina Applegate Reveals She Contracted Sapovirus Symptoms After Accidentally Ingesting ‘Poop’

Christina Applegate speaks out about the Sapovirus symptoms that she got after ingesting poop accidentally. Read ahead to know more.

Published on Apr 24, 2024  |  06:00 PM IST |  69.9K
Christina Applegate (CC: Getty Images)
Christina Applegate (CC: Getty Images)

The Vacation actress, Christina Applegate, has always wowed us whenever she graced the screens. Her fans have always been supportive of the actress. 

The actress has garnered a huge fanbase due to her work, notably in the Dead To Me series streaming on Netflix. Recently she made headlines as she opened up about the Sapovirus symptoms that she got amid her battle with Multiple Sclerosis.

Christina Applegate reveals about Sapovirus symptoms

During her recent appearance on the MeSsy podcast, Christina Applegate revealed the Sapovirus symptoms she contracted. Sapovirus is known to be transmitted through fecal-oral contact.

She said, "I'm gonna be gross." The actress added, “I woke up at 3 o'clock in the morning in a pool of s**t. Didn't know it happened, and having MS at 3 o'clock in the morning and trying to change your sheets, it's not fun."

Christina claimed that her health problem started a few weeks ago when someone close to her “dropped the ball” and carried COVID-19 home, resulting in her first infection. Her immune system was already compromised by Multiple Sclerosis, thus her symptoms such as chest infection and speedy heart rate, were more severe.


The actress expressed that she was so dizzy and further said, “I was so sick. I couldn't eat. I couldn't anything." She began vomiting during the stool test, which she took to understand what was wrong. She reflected that it was, “so gross”. She eventually received a Sapovirus diagnosis.


How did Christina Applegate contract Sapovirus

The 52-year-old actress thinks that she contracted the virus through a takeaway salad from a restaurant that will close down for an unrelated reason.

She added, "I'm almost going on three weeks of being sick from this,” She further said, “so that's my fun story." The actress revealed that dealing with Multiple Sclerosis and Sapovirus can sometimes cause difficulties in bladder control.

She shared some strong opinions about adult diapers. Christina said, “Here's my problem: Why do they make them pretty for women?" She added, "Like, 'Hey baby, you wanna get down and dirty in my diaper lingerie with my own urine?'" 

As per ENews, The actress broke the news of her Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis in 2021 via her social media channels.

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