Kelly Osbourne Calls Out Giuliana Rancic As ‘Irrelevant’ During Osbournes Podcast; DETAILS

Kelly Osbourne slams former co-host Giuliana Rancic as irrelevant in a recent podcast. She revisited a 2015 controversy involving Zendaya's comment and shared her reaction.

Published on May 23, 2024  |  12:31 AM IST |  54.7K
Kelly Osbourne talks about her old partner Rancic (Instagram/KellyOsbourne)
Kelly Osbourne talks about her old partner Rancic (Instagram/KellyOsbourne)
Key Highlight
  • Kelly Osbourne dismisses Giuliana Rancic, calling her irrelevant
  • Zendaya's reply to Rancic's comment is a powerful example of speaking out against racism

Kelly Osbourne recently stunned fans by dismissing Giuliana Rancic, her former co-host on Fashion Police, as insignificant. On an episode of The Osbournes Podcast, aired on a Tuesday, Kelly did not hold anything back. She made it clear that she wants nothing to do with Rancic.

Zendaya scandal and Kelly Osbourne’s reaction

The conversation started when Sharon Osbourne mentioned Rancic. This prompted Kelly, her brother Jack, and their dad, Ozzy, to remember a huge incident from 2015. Zendaya made a controversial statement about Rancic commenting negatively on her hair, saying it smelled like patchouli oil and weed. Many people claimed that this comment was racist.

In response to this, Zendaya took to Instagram, where she strongly condemned Racism. She also added that African American hair has always faced much criticism, even without the comment from Rancic. As soon as the public became aware of her words, they called them very insulting and racist.

Zendaya( Instagram/Zendaya)

Despite not being the one who made the comment, Kelly Osbourne got dragged into the controversy. For that reason alone, she quit Fashion Police, feeling falsely accused. Jack Osbourne looked back at it, saying he hadn’t seen much from Rancic these days. Kelly chipped in, saying as far as she is concerned, she doesn’t exist to her.


The power of speaking up

Zendaya’s stand against Rancic had long-lasting effects. In a W Magazine 2021 interview, Zendaya highlighted just how important it is to speak out. She said these actions promote change while hoping for a shift in mindset regarding colored people.

Mattel responded by launching a Barbie doll in honor of this incident, which bore a resemblance to what Zendaya wore before the ill-mannered comments by Rancic were aired.

Kelly Osbourne talks about her old partner Rancic (Instagram/KellyOsbourne)

The Osbournes Podcast unveiled some old sores and showed how much accountability means for public figures. Kelly Osbourne’s rejection of Giuliana Rancic speaks volumes about the still unresolved issues of 2015. Meanwhile, Zendaya’s reaction remains a potent example of how speaking out can initiate meaningful change.

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Why did Kelly Osbourne leave Fashion Police?
She felt wrongly accused in a 2015 controversy involving Giuliana Rancic's comment about Zendaya's hair.

What was the aftermath of Zendaya's response to Rancic's comment?
Mattel created a Zendaya Barbie doll, showcasing diversity and addressing past wrongs.

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