“Still Is So Full Of Love”: The Osbourne Family Shares How They Helped Rescue Severely Burnt Dog

The Osbourne family shares their unique journey of helping a severely burnt dog. Read on to learn more!

Updated on Jun 07, 2024  |  04:58 PM IST |  28.8K
The Osbourne family (Instagram)
The Osbourne family (Instagram)

The Osbournes claimed that one dog had found a forever home thanks to them. On a recent edition of The Osbournes Podcast, they discussed how they got their newest pet, a dog that had previously been set on fire.

Sharon Osbourne, 71, said she was surfing TikTok when she came across a video of a puppy that had been burned and abandoned. 

The Osbournes rescue and adopt a dog

Sharon described the dog as underweight and stated that a man discovered him and helped him, after which the Underdog Heroes Rescue took him in, thereby saving his life. She went on to declare that the rescue organization's only mission was to help abused dogs.

The 38-year-old Jack Osbourne noted that the animal had received "a great job" from the rescue group despite being badly burned. The 39-year-old Kelly Osbourne asked, "How can a person do what was done to this dog? How sick individuals can be is beyond me."

In keeping with her open discussion about the dog, Sharon called him "the mellowest, most friendly dog ever." Even after the dog had suffered terrible abuse, Kelly talked about what she considered to be "the most beautiful thing" about adopting the injured animal. 

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Naming their newly rescued dog

Sharon thought about the dog's tenacity, pointing out that he still exuded love and happiness despite the abhorrent treatment he had to face. Joining her was her 75-year-old father, Ozzy Osbourne, who expressed his deep shock at the cruelty that resulted in someone setting the dog on fire.


The Osbourne family considered a few names for their new furry family member. They talked about their prior experiences rescuing animals. This deeply emphasized their dedication to giving those in need loving homes.

Among the potential names under consideration, according to the Osbournes, were "Walter," "Baby," and "Porkchop."

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