Martha Stewart Shares She Regrets Her Marriage 'Ended Abruptly'; Laments 'Not Having Had More Children'

At the age of 82, celebrity chef, Martha Stewart ponders upon her life choices and talks about some her regrets in a recent New York Times publication. Find out about her life, up close and personal.

Published on Apr 12, 2024  |  02:20 PM IST |  72.9K
Martha Stewart in Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber (2015)- IMDb
Martha Stewart in Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber (2015)- IMDb
Key Highlight
  • Martha Stewart opens up about her life choices and her regrets so far in a recent publication
  • She talks about ending her marriage with her then-husband, Andrew Stewart whom she married at 19
  • The celebrity chef also talks about her bond with her daughter Alexis alongside her new book  

At the age of 82, Martha Stewart is looking back on her life, including some of her regrets.

In an April 5 piece published in the New York Times, the culinary expert shared how she consciously decided to leave her career on Wall Street and shift to writing and catering once she was in her 40s. 

"Maybe a little uncertainty can help fuel ambition," she wrote, reflecting on her career change. "When I left my job on Wall Street, I knew I had to create a career for myself. I became a caterer, catering parties every night," she added.

Despite her success in the field she chose to pursue, Stewart admitted that there were several moments of self-doubt and uncertainty. 

"Still I thought, 'Will there come a time when my granddaughter' — she’s 12 — is asked, 'What did grandma do?'" Stewart wrote, referring to her granddaughter Jude. "And all she can say is, 'Oh, she made parties for people.' I thought, 'I have to do something more than this.' That was in the 1980s when I wrote my first book, the one on entertaining."


Martha Stewart talks about ending her marriage 

Martha Stewart talks about the time when her career switch negatively impacted her personal life. She separated from her then-husband, Andrew Stewart, after 22 years of marriage, whom she married at 19 years old.  Alexis has previously been candid about her relationship with Stewart, particularly the difficulties. The couple welcomed their only child, daughter Alexis, in 1965 and shocked their friends by announcing their separation, and they officially divorced three years later.


"At that time, I wasn’t keeping my eye on the home, even though I was known as a homemaker. It wasn’t enough for a marriage," she wrote, adding that she has also reflected on possibly wanting more children in addition to her daughter, Alexis.

"Maybe I regret not having had more children. Maybe I regret that my marriage ended abruptly. We’d been together 27 years," she added.

Stewart also says that she often wonders about the idea of finding love again after her divorce. She says she does know how it would feel, but she doesn't mind finding someone else in her life. 


Martha Stewart's daughter leaves anecdotes about her in her book 

In her new book, Whateverland: Learning to Live Here, co-authored with Jennifer Koppelman Hutt, her daughter Alexis made candid and raw accusations about her childhood, particularly in regard to her mother's parenting style. She claimed that her mom was "not interested in being kid-friendly" and held her to extremely high standards.


Alexis is now a mom to two kids, making Stewart a two-time grandma. In recent times, Stewart has shared her bond with her grandchildren publicly. Most recently, in February, she and Truman went to a New York Knicks game.

She shared a photo on Instagram Stories showing her and her grandson sitting courtside. Wearing a bright orange sweater, the proud grandma leaned in to show Truman something on her phone.

"If you look hard enough, you see me —orange sweater— and soon to be 12 yr old Truman out for the night at Madison square garden for @nyknicks @celtics game," Stewart wrote over the image.


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