'Still Really Hard To Believe': Lauren Graham Remembers Late 'Friend And Constant' Matthew Perry

Lauren Graham reminisces about her cherished friendship with Matthew Perry, reflecting on their special bond and the late actor's enduring legacy.

Published on Apr 06, 2024  |  10:53 PM IST |  71.9K
Lauren Graham Reflects On Her Special Relationship With Late Matthew Perry
Matthew Perry and Lauren Graham (P.C.: Getty Images)

Trigger Warning: This article contains mention of death.

It's been nearly half a year since Matthew Perry's death, yet the pain of his absence still lingers in the heart of his dear friend, Lauren Graham. During a recent Q&A session on her book tour, Graham shared her heartfelt sentiments about Perry, reflecting on their unique bond and the void his departure has left behind.

Lauren Graham recalls her sweet memories with Matthew Perry 

As Lauren Graham stood before an audience during her book tour, she couldn't help but express the disbelief that still envelops her when she thinks of Matthew Perry's passing. The news of his death in October 2023, attributed to acute effects of ketamine, shook Graham to her core. Despite never officially being romantically involved, Perry held a special place in Graham's life as “a friend and a constant.”

Lauren Graham and Matthew Perry (IMDb)

“It’s still really hard to believe,” Graham shared, as retrieved via PEOPLE. “While he was not technically ever a boyfriend, he was an almost in my life.” As Graham described it, their relationship was one of ebbs and flows, with Perry often re-entering her life like a familiar tide. “We would stretch for a year, then he would come back in my life, and he had just come back in my life last year,” she added. 



Recalling her last year’s birthday, Graham shared that Perry gifted her a pickleball set. As she fondly recalled this memory to her audience, Perry loved tennis and pickleball and marked his death as “a terrible loss.” Graham exclaimed, “He’s like really into tennis and pickleball, with a card that said, ‘Be older.’”

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Lauren Graham revealed Matthew Perry was happy with the reception of his memoir

Matthew Perry's influence on Lauren Graham extended far beyond mere friendship. Perry once described Graham as one of his favorite people, highlighting the undeniable chemistry they shared both on and off-screen. Their camaraderie was evident in their collaborative work and in the genuine affection they held for each other. “We have great chemistry when working together, and it’s fun to work with a close friend,” the late Friends star shared during his show The Odd Couple.

In Perry's memoir, Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing, a photo of him and Graham serves as a testament to their enduring connection. “Me and the beautiful Lauren Graham,” the caption stated below the duo’s beautiful photo in Perry’s memoir. During the Q&A, Graham also touched upon Perry's pride in the success of his book and his commitment to using his platform to advocate for others struggling with similar challenges. 

She stated, “The solace I take from having seen him at the time I saw him was he was so thrilled with how his book was received — and not just because it was a huge success, but because his life’s work kind of became, ‘How can I give back? How can I talk about the struggles I had and hopefully help someone else?'” 

As Lauren Graham continues navigating a world without Matthew Perry, she holds onto the memories they shared and his impact on her life. Perry's legacy indeed extends far beyond his iconic roles on screen and will always have a special place in the hearts of all his dear ones. 

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Did Lauren Graham date Matthew Perry?
Lauren Graham referred Matthew Perry as a close friend and they never dated.

When did Matthew Perry pass away?
Matthew Perry passed away on October 28, 2023, due to the acute effects of ketamine, as stated in an autopsy report.

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