The Watchers Trailer: Dakota Fanning Faces Creepy Creatures In Ishana Shyamalan's Debut Horror Film

The trailer drop on Monday teases the horrifying plot of mysterious creatures of the night that watch strangers trapped in a house tucked away in a secluded forest.

Published on Apr 23, 2024  |  02:09 PM IST |  36.7K
Dakota Fanning Terrorized By Creatures Of The Night In The Watchers New Trailer Drop
Dakota Fanning in The Watchers (PC: YouTube)

The Watchers’ new trailer manifolds the eerieness of the 2024 horror film. It marks the directorial feature debut of Ishana Shyamalan, daughter of notable filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan. The Watchers stars Dakota Fanning as a young artist, Mina who is stranded in an Irish forest. 

The trailer drop on Monday teases the horrifying plot of mysterious creatures of the night that watch strangers trapped in a house tucked away in a secluded Irish forest. The Watchers' official trailer comes months after an initial teaser trailer surfaced in February. 

New terrors unleashed with The Watchers’ trailer drop

On Monday, Warner Bros. Pictures released the official full trailer of what is to be Ishana Shyamalan’s directorial debut film at 23, The Watchers. Dakota Fanning stars in the movie based on the novel by author A.M. Shine. Although, it is written and directed by Ishana and produced by her father M. Night Shyamalan. 

The trailer opens with the 30-year-old actress talking to her parakeet, complete with a pensive background score and dark themes. “I’m going out tonight, try not to die,” says Fanning who plays Mina, 28. 

After her car breaks down, Mina gets stranded in a mysterious forest in western Ireland and is seemingly rescued by three strangers in a house only to realize later that she is trapped with them. The trapped strangers are tormented by the creatures referred to as the Watchers who stalk them every night. “These creatures emerge to observe their captive humans and terrible things happen to anyone who doesn't reach the bunker in time,” an IMDb summary states. 



While the creatures are not explicitly shown in the trailer, the mystery is compensated for sonically with ominous trills and pounding scores. Known for his mind-blowing twists, the Watchers visibly embeds M. Night Shyamalan’s thriller elements into the film's creative direction.

The Watchers is one of the two Shyamalan projects to be released this summer. The Split director is attached to another thriller, Trap that stars his 27-year-old daughter, Saleka Shyamalan, and Josh Hartnett. Besides the new horror film, Ishana Shyamalan had previously directed six episodes of the Apple TV series, Servant. 

The Watchers will be released on June 14. 

Ishana Shyamalan and M. Night Shyamalan take over the summer

Both Shyamalan-helmed thriller movies, The Watchers and Trap, are scheduled to premiere this summer. The father-daughter duo opened up about their journey as fellow filmmakers in a candid conversation with Warner Bros., per Variety. He revealed that both movies premiering in the “same summer” was simply a coincidence. “It just played out this way. It was just: What is the best date for that movie and what is the best day for this movie? And it turned out it was in the same summer,” Shyamalan said. 

In the same conversation, Ishana Shyamalan recounted her experience growing up with her father as a famous filmmaker. She revealed that much of her art’s influence was inspired by him and other notable directors like Hayao Miyazaki, Wong Kar-wai, and Krzysztof Kieślowski.

The Trap is scheduled for release on August 9, almost two months after The Watcher’s premiere. 

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