Why Is Kelsea Ballerini Taking Legal Action Against A Hacker? Here's What Happened

Country singer Kelsea Ballerini has filed a temporary restraining order against Bo Ewing who has been accused of illegally obtaining and sharing "still-in-production, unreleased masters and demos.”

Published on Apr 20, 2024  |  11:11 PM IST |  24.7K
Find Out Why Kelsea Ballerini Taking Legal Action Against A Hacker
Kelsea Ballerini (PC: Instagram/@kelseaballerini)

Country singer Kelsea Ballerini to take legal action against former fan who hacked and leaked her unfinished and unreleased snippets of songs. She has filed a temporary restraining order against Bo Ewing who has been accused of sharing "still-in-production, unreleased masters and demos.”

As per the court files that were obtained by PEOPLE magazine, Ewing had allegedly obtained these illegally, "through gaining back-door access to the device of either, or both, of Ms. Ballerini or Ms. Vanderheym.” Alysa Vanderheym is Ballerini’s producer. 


How have leaks impacted the music industry? 

The documents identify Ewing as a former member of the singer’s fan club who later became “disenfranchised” with Ballerini. As per the filings, the hacker has already distributed the obtained work to different parties. The plaintiffs, constituting Ballerini, Vanderheym, and Black River Entertainment, have secured an injunction to secure the recordings from being reproduced further, citing this as prevention of "continued, irreparable harm" that this dissemination might cause. 

"Protection of an artist’s music is of the utmost importance. Artists spend countless hours perfecting their craft and telling their stories through their music. Stealing and sharing unfinished music is illegal and harms the integrity of the creative process,” a spokesperson of Ballerini told PEOPLE. Music leaks have become a common phenomenon in the industry now, and many artists have come to call out this practice, which rips them off the monetary benefits and infringes their rights over their creations. Pop star Ariana Grande, who recently put out her album Eternal Sunshine, spoke to Zach Sang in an interview, revealing what she thinks about this ongoing phenomenon. The singer's song Fantasize, which was leaked, became an online hit.  "I'll see you in jail, literally," was her message to the hackers. 



Kelsea Ballerini nominated for Album of the Year at 2024 ACM Awards

Kelsea Ballerini very recently hosted the 2024 CMT Awards on April 7, where she took the stage to perform her debut single Love Me Like You Mean It, reimagined nearly a decade after its release. Alongside this, the singer-songwriter is lined up for the upcoming 2024 ACM Awards, where she has received nominations for Album of the Year and Female Artist of the Year. Ballerini released her EP  Rolling Up the Welcome Mat in February of last year. 

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