Why Was Alisha Weir's Family 'Shocked' By Her Newest Project Abigail? They'll Never See Her The Same

Alisha Weir, who rose to fame after Matilda: The Musical where she played the titular character, is now seen in a horror film Abigail, starring alongside Melissa Barrera and Kathryn Newton.

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Alisha Weir Reveals Her Family Was Shocked By Her Newest Project Abigail
Alisha Weir in Matilda: The Musical (PC: IMDb)

Irish actress Alisha Weir starrer Abigail just hit the theatres on April 19, where the 14-year-old appears as the titular character. She is kidnapped by a group of people, who only later realize that she is a vampire, now being stuck with her in captivity. Weir, who is originally from Dublin, saw her break out as Matilda Wormwood in the 2022 film, Matilda: The Musical, spoke to PEOPLE about the gore in the film, and how her family reacted to it after the trailer. 

What was shooting for Abigail like for Alisha Weir? 

"They were pretty shocked, especially when they saw all the blood. I was getting messages saying, 'I don't know if I'll be able to see you the same after seeing the trailer!' “ said Weir. She further revealed that while there were many cool parts that she enjoyed shooting, there was one that stuck out the most. “Me and [costar] Melissa [Barrera] had a big blood cannon at the very end of the film,” Wier said, adding that they had to perfect it in one take, so they were nervous before the shoot since it would have taken a long time to clean up. Fake blood is "quite hard to clean off, the star revealed. 


In this R-rated Vampire horror, Weir engages in gory activities, dropping multiple F-bombs throughout the runtime which was all "so much fun and crazy.” Weir also details what it takes to clean up the fake blood afterward: which involves a lot of shaving cream. “By the end, we were so covered in blood, all you could see was our teeth and our eyes. We had to get straight into the shower to wash it all off."


The child star is a self-proclaimed horror fan, yet her only exposure to something from the genre before picking up the film Abigail was Vampire Diaries. For her, the sole reason for starring in a horror film was to figure out if the people acting in the film were getting scared in the process. But now she knows that things are the complete opposite on set.

Alisha Weir's past achievements: 

Weir was featured on the 2024 Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe Entertainment list of rising talents, becoming the second youngest star to appear on the list, after Mille Bobby Brown, who was inducted in 2018. 

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