Kim Soo Hyun teases upcoming drama in the latest issue of Vogue Kor; Pictorial depicts the actor in a new aura

Kim Soo Hyun will be making his television comeback with his upcoming drama 'That Night'.
Kim Soo Hyun teases upcoming drama in the latest issue of Vogue Kor; Pictorial depicts the actor in a new aura
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Fashion magazine Vogue Korea recently featured actor Kim Soo Hyun as he spoke about taking on new challenges with his acting career. He also elaborated upon his upcoming drama titled ‘That Night’ (literal translation) . This year marks his 14th year in the industry since his debut as an actor and over the years, he has shown varied sides of himself and has indulged in all the different colours of his characters. On Vogue Korea’s April issue, Kim Soo Hyun can be seen in a mysterious and chic “rock-star” persona that is enhanced by the black and white theme. It truly makes one think about all the possible visuals the star can create. 

Kim Soo Hyun shared that so far in his career, he has stayed in his comfort zone while exploring opportunities and adventures but he intends to step out from that zone and take on roles that are different from those he has fulfilled. He added that even though he has received great results from the characters he has played, he wants to experiment even if it doesn’t necessarily bring a good result. With this realisation, he says, his perspective has also widened.

In the mean time, Kim Soo Hyun is preparing for his new drama 'That Night.' It is a fierce story of two men surrounding a woman's murder case, and is based on the British BBC drama "Criminal Justice." Kim Soo Hyun introduced the work by saying that, "This genre of drama usually focuses on the process of catching the real culprit but this drama captures the relationship between the main character and the people around him."

Kim Soo Hyun plays Kim Hyun Soo, an ordinary college student but "powerful people, such as judges, prosecutors, and lawyers, gather around Kim Hyun-soo, who is powerless." Everyone has different voices and pushes hard, but the person in the spotlight doesn’t have much chance to speak out even though it's his or her job. It is both frustrating and sad. As such, Kim Soo Hyun the actor, resonates emotionally with Kim Hyun Soo. Kim Hyun Soo's world gets turned upside down when his becomes a suspect in the murder case of a woman and even though he does use evil to survive in a ruthless world, he's after all just a normal person. Joining him will be Cha Seung Won who'll play Shin Joong Han, the only person who steps up to help Kim Hyun Soo. 

Needless to say, expectations are already high about how Kim Soo Hyun will transform into his character as he steps out of his comfort zone to try something quite different from what we’re used to seeing from him.

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Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Every project/drama Kim Soo Hyun makes, will always get me excited.

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Can’t wait just love his acting.