Lee Seung Gi addresses grievances against former label Hook Entertainment in court, says 'I feel betrayed'

Lee Seung Gi addresses grievances against former label Hook Entertainment in court, citing betrayal and abusive treatment as his new label vows support. More details below!

Published on May 25, 2024  |  11:50 PM IST |  186.3K
Lee Seung Gi; Image Courtesy: BPM Entertainment
Lee Seung Gi; Image Courtesy: BPM Entertainment
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  • Lee Seung Gi gives against former label Hook Entertainment in court
  • A catch-up on Lee Seung Gi's latest activities

In a legal battle against former label Hook Entertainment, Lee Seung Gi reveals his grievances, citing betrayal and abuse. Big Planet Made Entertainment pledges support to prevent similar mistreatment in the industry.

Lee Seung Gi’s testimony against former label

On May 25, Lee Seung Gi made a significant appearance at the Seoul Central District Court, where he opened up about his grievances against his former agency, Hook Entertainment. The singer and actor, embroiled in a legal battle over unpaid earnings, expressed feeling betrayed by the agency during the civil suit hearing.

Lee Seung Gi, now under the management of Big Planet Made Entertainment, revealed how his former agency portrayed him in a negative light, labeling him as someone solely driven by money. He described feeling betrayed by the treatment he received, highlighting instances where CEO Kwon Jin Young allegedly used abusive language and assault, exploiting Lee Seung Gi's young age and lack of social experience.

The term gaslighting emerged in Lee Seung Gi's testimony, indicating a manipulation tactic aimed at making someone doubt their own reality. He expressed hope that such mistreatment would not be repeated and that others would not fall victim to similar experiences.

Big Planet Made Entertainment pledged unwavering support for Lee Seung Gi's fight for justice, vowing to prevent future occurrences of abuse within the industry. They condemned Hook Entertainment's refusal to submit settlement data, citing it as a violation of transparency laws.

Moreover, Hook Entertainment's failure to adhere to industry regulations, such as maintaining separate accounting books for each celebrity, further underscored the agency's misconduct.


More details about Lee Seung Gi’s recent engagements

Lee Seung Gi is a multi-talented South Korean entertainer known for his prowess as a singer, actor, and host. Renowned for his chart-topping hits such as Because You're My Woman and Will You Marry Me, he has also captivated audiences with his stellar performances in popular dramas like My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho and Vagabond.

Recently, he hosted JTBC's Peak Time, offering a platform for sidelined K-pop idols to shine. Additionally, he has expanded his horizons as a CEO and producer, establishing his production company, Human Made, and releasing original content like the mini-documentary series Human Table.

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