Priyanka Chopra goes blonde, flaunts her new look

4 years ago  |  5.1M
Priyanka Chopra, who is currently in New York shooting for Isn't It Romantic?, was spotted flaunting new new blonde look on the streets of NYC!
Looking resplendent in a printed pink, blue and red maxi dress along with black strappy block heals and black sunglasses, Priyanka Chopra was candidly captured in her new look. Now whether the actress has undergone a makeover for her second Hollywood film or for some other reason, is something that only Piggy Chops can tell us.
But we are absolutely in love with Priyanka's new blonde hair look. How about you?!
Meanwhile, after wrapping up the shoot of her second Hollywood film Isn't It Romantic?, Priyanka Chopra will begin prep for the third season of Quantico 3. For the same, the actress will be undergoing intense training as she would be seen performing some high octane stunts!
A source close to the actress had informed a tabloid, "The stunts will be orchestrated on a grander scale. PeeCee will train with a noted stunt choreographer in California. She will learn rifle and gun shooting, and will work on her agility for the chase sequences and aerial stunts. Since she doesn’t use body doubles, the pressure of wowing the audience lies on her."
Priyanka also has another Hollywood movie A Kid Like Jake in her kitty. The movie stars Jim Parsons, Claire Danes and Octavia Spencer in the lead too. Apart from the movie, Chopra has collaborated with ABC to produce a comedy series that follows the life of a Bollywood actor - Madhuri Dixit and her life of marrying and settling down in USA and how things move from there on. 
Sri Rao, the writer of the show, shared a picture of himself, Priyanka Chopra and Madhuri Dixit on his social networking handle saying, "Thrilled to finally announce my exciting new project with these two legends and icons @MadhuriDixit @priyankachopra."
Exciting much?!

Anonymous : He Priyanka stop sending your selfies to "banker" guy , he's actually in a relationship with a really pretty and sweet lady so please back off don't try to break them up ok, they are in a good place. you need help , call other people.
REPLY 2 3 years ago
Anonymous : you clearly need mental help
REPLY 1 3 years ago
Anonymous : I saw her this day. Her hair isn't this light in person. It's brown. She looked amazing and is so sweet!
REPLY 3 3 years ago
Anonymous : Ofcourse..u saw her-__-
REPLY 2 3 years ago
Anonymous : Priyanka carries this look so well.
REPLY 9 3 years ago
Anonymous : Suits her . Tell me one actress who hasn't done anything to her skin / face ? It is what it is , their job demands it so be it
REPLY 10 3 years ago
Anonymous : THIS shade of blonde would have looked far worse had she not lightened her skin so drastically recently. Even after vacationing, she was lighter than she's ever been. Being fully covered looks shockingly nice on her, so used to see her exposing in one forrm or another. I remember Kareena in a blond wig and a red dress in Tashan, she looked like Paris Hilton.
REPLY 22 3 years ago
Anonymous : You have the lightness sickness not Priyanka. She has makeup looks for moods, shoots, and numerous camera lens techniques on her all day. Get lost.
REPLY 7 3 years ago
Anonymous : Its not blonde ,its brunette ,just lighter than before
REPLY 23 4 years ago
Anonymous : I don't like it her hair looks fried. That's the problem with dark hair stripping down so many levels to go this light, it fries the hair and it looks like sand paper.
REPLY 47 4 years ago
Anonymous : Yes. Deepika tried the look too a while back and hair looked unusually fried. Please PC drop it.
REPLY 8 3 years ago
Anonymous : Blonde my foot; she is playing with highlights so what man
REPLY 26 4 years ago
Anonymous : LMAO. This is not blonde. Are you color blind?
REPLY 51 4 years ago
Anonymous : blonde doesnt look good on brown skin. More like pale caucasian woman and surprisingly on really dark skin(black people). The ones who have it on with the contrast on the dark skin and their features looked good. For us, not so much
REPLY 39 4 years ago
Anonymous : Yeah, Nicki Minaj looks pretty good, she's half Indian half African descent.
REPLY 10 4 years ago
Anonymous : however she never claims her half indian descent. she has mentioned so many times shes black/african american only never the other.
REPLY 37 4 years ago
Anonymous : Mid life crisis hit her a little morals.
REPLY 53 4 years ago
Anonymous : Dyeing ones hair=no morals. ,How is your kindergarden where you are presently enrolled?
REPLY 32 4 years ago
Anonymous : She's slowly turning into nicki minaj
REPLY 43 4 years ago
Anonymous : You're quickly turning into a toothless witch
REPLY 17 4 years ago
Anonymous : l liked her hair color and she looks beautiful always
REPLY 14 4 years ago
Anonymous : Priyanka looks uber cute in this look.
REPLY 18 4 years ago
Anonymous : Why do some ppl think the SRK/Priyanka affair is over? They are chatting on Instagram and Twitter nearly twelve hours in a row...hahaha, so funny to see how they fool all ppl.
REPLY 51 4 years ago
Anonymous : They are so chalu and naughty.
REPLY 38 4 years ago
Anonymous : So you think Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka are madly in-love and have been DATING like teenagers for a decade? You're so stupid. I said before, we'll have to wait until Priyanka gets married before these geniuses start questioning, "Hmm, maybe she and Shahrukh might be over?"
REPLY 12 4 years ago
Anonymous : She will never get married !!!! Doesn't matter how hard you guys try !!!
REPLY 8 3 years ago
Anonymous : Looks like a wig to me
REPLY 39 4 years ago
Anonymous : This is NOT blonde. This is BRONDE. Between Blond and Brown !
REPLY 42 4 years ago
Anonymous : She looks amazing like the diva she is..
REPLY 16 4 years ago
Anonymous : Silly headline, not blonde
REPLY 39 4 years ago
Anonymous : This is not blonde. These are chestnut highlights
REPLY 43 4 years ago
Anonymous : P for publicity and P for Priyanka. She is taking this self promotion to another level with non stop plugging.
REPLY 54 4 years ago
Anonymous : Man PC, that isn't good for your hair, and it doesn't even look like you bleached it enough. I kind of wanted to get my hair dip-dyed blonde, because you can cut it off whenever you want.
REPLY 25 4 years ago
Anonymous : HAHAHAHA....Why doesn't shakuni advice PC to change her stylist instead of advicing DP to focus only on BW n not on HW !!!
REPLY 46 4 years ago
Anonymous : Blonde hair does not suit her .She looked so fabulous in Baywatch with dark hair.
REPLY 35 4 years ago
Anonymous : I agree that dark hair suits her more but let her play. She will go back to dark hair.
REPLY 21 4 years ago
Anonymous : Priyanka, please hit the gym. Enough of banking on your "good genes".
REPLY 45 4 years ago
Anonymous : She is wearing these sandals since a month, please change it
REPLY 40 4 years ago
Anonymous : Not a new look nor is it blonde
REPLY 18 4 years ago
Anonymous : Her hair isn't blonde!
REPLY 24 4 years ago
Anonymous : Lol, how is this blonde?
REPLY 24 4 years ago
Anonymous : Amazing beauty
REPLY 9 4 years ago
Anonymous : she so beautiful
REPLY 9 4 years ago
Anonymous : BIG MAMA...Ouch!
REPLY 48 4 years ago
Anonymous : what a wannabe. Trying hard to be white huh? Skin lightening bhi karwa lo.
REPLY 63 4 years ago
Anonymous : Arey woh toh DP madam kar chuke hai
REPLY 10 4 years ago
Anonymous : If this colour is blonde, iam a deepika fan!!
REPLY 30 4 years ago
Anonymous : Poor, desperate wannabe Chopra.
REPLY 60 4 years ago
Anonymous : Hello, do I now look Amrikan?.
REPLY 78 4 years ago
Anonymous : Hello, she is not interested in changing who she is for anyone.
REPLY 14 4 years ago