5 signs you’re a typical ‘green flag’ as Imran Khan’s Jai from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

We’ve created a list of pointers that prove if you’ve got true gentleman qualities like Imran Khan’s character, Jai from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na co-starring Genelia Deshmukh.

Published on Jul 05, 2024  |  07:21 PM IST |  22.1K
5 signs you’re a typical ‘green flag’ as Imran Khan’s Jai from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
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Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na recently completed 16 years of its release. Directed by Abbas Tyrewala and backed by Aamir Khan Productions, the film was led by Imran Khan and Genelia Deshmukh. The internet relived nostalgia as the film completed 16 years of its release on Thursday, July 4. Needless to say, the celebration of friendship and romance in this rom-com is unmatchable.

Additionally, there are no two ways Imran Khan’s Jai is one of the most loveable characters ever written in Bollywood. Do you also possess any of his qualities? Find out!


Find out if you're as cool as Imran Khan’s Jai from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na


1. A friend everyone would want to have

Do we all not want a friend who just tells us, ‘Tu khush hai to jahan mein chhayi hai khushi’ in our low phase? It is so rare to find a friend like Jai who would go the extra mile to make you happy. For the world, it may look petty, but for even the smallest sorrows like the passing away of Meow (their pet cat), he stands by Genelia Deshmukh’s Aditi, consoles, and comforts selflessly.

2. A true gentleman

One of the main reasons Jai was a true gentleman because he was raised by a single mother. She always ensured that her son never engulfed any patriarchal or misogynistic mindset. He respected every girl and was self-dependent. In fact, he had no hesitation in doing household chores, which many men may find ‘not-so-cool’.


3. Emotionally mature

Not many might boast of this gold quality, but even when faced with threatening situations, we don't see Jai losing his temper. Not that he is afraid to fight, but he avoids violence, which is also displayed in the way he treats people around him. Remember how with his sheer presence of mind, he pacifies the situation when Aditi ends up indulging in a college fight?

4. Found love in your friend 

Not everyone can be as lucky as Jai to find love in their friend, but are you? Throughout the movie, he doesn’t realize his love for Aditi, but that jealousy and the 'missing his friend' was always there. Guess that whole journey was bound to happen for it to make the most wholesome love story!

5. Observant and cares for people around

Jai may or may not show, but he observed and cared for people around him. From his mother to friends and moreover Aditi’s brother, Amit [Prateik Babbar] he had a sensibility to empathize with people and reasons for their behaviors, and also deal with them with utmost grace.



Which of these qualities can you also relate to Imran Khan’s Jai, don’t forget to share with us in the comments section.

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