6 reasons that prove Kareena Kapoor's Geet from Imtiaz Ali's Jab We Met is your spirit animal

Here’s a compilation of characteristics of Kareena Kapoor’s much loved character Geet from Imtiaz Ali’s Jab We Met co-starring Shahid Kapoor. Find out if you can also relate to her.

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Jab We Met
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The Imtiaz Ali directorial Jab We Met was released way back in 2006. The characters of Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor as Geet and Aditya are etched deeply in the hearts of cine-lovers. Though Tarun Arora’s Anshuman became a brand-ambassador of being a red-flag on the internet, fans still can’t get over the lead characters of the movie.

For all the girls out there, Geet has been an ideal personality who everyone aspires to be. Her outlook toward life and the people around her is what sets her apart from the rest. Her transformational journey in Jab We Met highlighted some of her qualities which many girls out there can relate to. Find out if you can also relate to Geet at any point.

6 signs to prove you're Kareena Kapoor's Geet from Jab We Met


1. Your friends call you chatter box


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Kareena Kapoor's character Geet in the film was portrayed as someone who lacked self-control when it came to expressing herself. She had a tendency to overshare without considering whether or not the other person was familiar with her. Despite this, it was revealed that she was always ready to engage in conversation, no matter the time or place. 



Ever came across anybody telling you, “Tum hamesha aise hi bakwas karti ho, ya aaj koi aaj koi special occasion hai?,” Then proudly say Geet is your spirit animal. 

2. You always end up getting late

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It may not be intentional, but do you find yourself frequently running late to classes, meetings, or crucial transportation like trains or flights? These situations can certainly evoke intense emotions. You are not alone in this struggle, as Geet also found herself missing her train at the last minute, but luckily had a stroke of luck on her side.


3. You can be a great counselor

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If you possess a similar mindset to Geet, where you are unapologetically opinionated, direct, and occasionally savage, then without a doubt, you are an invaluable asset to your friends! Why? Because not everyone has the ability to support their friends during difficult break-up periods by advising them to burn their ex's photo and “hamesha hamesha ke liye ise apni zindagi se flush out kar do!”


4. You’re full Of life


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The essence of her vibrant personality can be summed up in one statement, "Main apni favorite hoon," and that is truly what counts. It is important to be true to oneself, rather than conforming to societal expectations.

Geet was a pure gold character because she loved everyone deeply from the core of her heart. As carefree as she may sound, she always had her family in her heart. Even after eloping with Anshuman, she was clear, “Jaake Pairo Me Gir Jana Hai Unke... Maaf To Karna Hi Padega ...” and that was innocent. Wasn’t it? 


5. You’re a risk-taker

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Risk taking doesn't necessarily mean embarking on major business ventures, but rather embracing opportunities to try new things in life. It's not about having a lifelong desire to get married, but rather feeling the urge to jump off a bridge while sitting over water. Who doesn't want to hold onto their childlike curiosity even as they grow older?

Beware! Don’t ever fall for an Anshuman in your life because destiny might have planned Aditya for you. 



6.  You don’t know how to deal with difficult situations in your life


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As much as you care about the people around you, your life can be a wreck in silence. Nevertheless, you believe in fighting your own battles. How strange it is to realize that as much as you are a fearless personality, you end up going weak when it comes to you. Do you also recall the phase of your heartbreak listening to Aaoge Jab Tum Saajna!

Which quality can you relate to most, don’t forget to share with us in the comments section!

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