Alia Bhatt has THIS to say about Kangana Ranaut's mediocre remark on her Gully Boy performance

Alia Bhatt has finally reacted to Kangana Ranaut's mediocre remark few days back on her performance in Gully Boy; Read deets below
Alia Bhatt has THIS to say about Kangana Ranaut's mediocre remark on her Gully Boy performanceAlia Bhatt has THIS to say about Kangana Ranaut's mediocre remark on her Gully Boy performance
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Kangana Ranaut has been one bold and fearless actress in Bollywood, who does not shy away from keeping her opinion in public, even if it invites a lot of controversies after that. The dazzling diva has slammed Alia Bhatt a way too many times in the recent past, out of which, her nepotism remark and calling her Karan Johar’s stooge raised a lot of eyebrows. And yet again, the Manikarnika actress took a dig at Alia Bhatt on her performance in Gully Boy and called it very ‘Mediocre’. When the interviewer compared her performance in Manikarnika with Alia’s performance in Gully Boy, Kangana got pissed and instantly snapped, “I am embarrassed...What is there to beat in Gully Boy Performance ....same snappy muh phat girl... Bollywood’s idea of a fiery girl, woman empowerment and good acting, spare me this embarrassment, please. Media has taken filmy kids love too far...stop pampering mediocre work or else bar will never be raised."

This happened two back and now Alia Bhatt has finally reacted to Kangana’s remark and decided to step back from the budding catfight and said, “I respect Kangana’s work a lot and I  respect her opinion. If she feels a particular way she must have reason to feel that way. I would rather remember how much she had praised me after watching Raazi. And I’d just like to focus on my work. Maybe she will appreciate me again if I work hard enough.” Alia Bhatt chose to keep her position as ‘miss congeniality’ in B-town as put and very conveniently slipped away from all this.

Meanwhile, Alia Bhatt is busy promoting her upcoming film Kalank along with Varun Dhawan, Sonakshi Sinha, Aditya Roy Kapoor and others. The film will be releasing on April 17th and is a much awaited film of the year.


Despite appearances Alia is a much more naughty girl than Kangna, I will never forget her arrogant, scornful and distant attitude towards Randeep Hooda during the highway promotion in India and Brlin.

Kalank,Brahmastra, Takht, Inshallah, sadak 2 and rrr. These are gonna be the biggest grossers of 2019 and 2020. Alia bhatt is the reigning queen of box office.

Queen, twmr and it's sequel, manikarnika, Krish fashion raaz and gangster. These are the only hits of kangana's career spanning almost 14 years since he debut. Comparetively alia has done good in 7 years.

Not everyone has KJO as mentor and offering films in silver platter..kangna had to overcome a lot to get where she is...Alia had a smooth sailing from the comparison.

A few years back when Deepika was no.1 that time this cheap kangy was having problems with her now that alia is number 1 then she is having problems with her. Basically she is a salty woman.

I don't know why ppl hate her Alia is one the most down to earth actresses of Bollywood, she is talented and intelligent girl that's not her fault that mahesh bhatt is her father and she is star kid .

Kangs is so PETTY

Alia is a complete brand creation of Karan Johar. Gotta give it to him. Keep creating hype and people will eventually buy it. Even the so called romance with Ranbir Kapoor is publicity. It’s working for this mediocre nepotism kid. But all aside Kangana needs to stop taking names and talk about issues

Ive heard so much about Nepotism. Mera baap hain,mere liye nahin karega to kya bahar ke logon ke liye karega? Its MY fathers money. He will invest it in me. Whats wrong in tht? Nepotism nepotism. What the hell!!!!

Has anyone realised Kangana has begun attacking Alia after Alia n Ranbir got together? Kangana had something with the anger is coming out this way. Bechari

Alia is young and a very good actress. Kangana attacking Alia for no reason.... just because she has rift with Ranbir kapoor because he rejected her. Kangana is done.... she has nothing but jealousy left.

i used to be kang's fan but now i'm not. it clear now that she need to have an enemy for surviving, first it was hritik and karan - though she was right in that cases. well maybe she's right now as well but to target an actress that can do nothing again her, it's a new low for kangs. and i don't alia, never did, from the very start. but i feel that it's not right, alia is too easy target. being outspoken and being bully is not the same!

It is depressing to be in a profession where you are not given right opportunities because you are not from right womb. I am 100% with Kangana and others who speak up about it.

Alia PR stop with all these self praising comments.bas kar aur papa kjo ke pass jake role thoda

Kangana is so calssy and dignigied.Alia has lost the plot

Alia is a psycho!!she thinks she is some actress she is really hallucinating!!shes got precisely same expressions ,shouting ,crying so much in movies.Shame on you alia as you have never done something on your own.You sugar daddy kjo gives you everything

Alia is one bitter woman,really sad

Kangana doesn’t have decency in her body and Alia doesn’t have animosity. What a decent sweet response to a foul mouthed lady. I can’t beluevd I used to think Kangana was a respectful person. She absolutely anything but respectful

Kangana and her truth telling. She is just a troll.

It slowly comes out that the cause Kangana is fighting for is just herself. She has played drug junkie , alcoholic , woman having affair with married men and so on and so forth but tries to attack Alia for a character she played. Hypocritical sad woman.

Not an Alia fan, but Kangana needs to shut up, then she wonders why no one in Bollywood supports her

Kangana is one bitter woman, really sad

And Alia is one shallow puppet of kjo. Glad Kangana called them out.

Kangana lost all her respect because of her constant mudslinging...there are so many others self made actor in the industry like vidya,deepika,srk..nobody is as derogatory as kangana..Alia is junior to her on basis of industry some maturity..nonsense kangana..

Alia knows kANGANA is right. Her comment was spot on. A performance like manikarnika happens in 100 years.

Kangana is always right in everything according to her psycho fans. Lol

KJ gang are bullies. They pretend to be above it Alia..she sounds so scripted. They have been trying to sabotage KR in very sleazy underhanded ways. Kangana is bringing it all out in the open because she doesn't have the KJ PR machine and money.
I am glad Kangana is fighting them tooth and nail and making it a public fight so she can expose their evil ways.

kangna is a psycho!!if she thinks she is some actress she is really hallucinating!! shes got precisely 4 expressions 1 drunk 2 hysterical 3 blank 4 drunk and hysterical!! some actress!!

Chill Kangana. Whydo you have a problem with Gully Boy? It was more critically & internationally acclaimed than your last film.
You want to play same disturbed character again and again or feminist character... your choice let Alia do what she's doing. She must be doing something right as she's lasted so long.

Alia is the girl who have such maturity at a very young age and knows how to react in a particular situation.kangana should stop criticising people and concentrate on her own work

This oh-so diplomatic answer only confirms aloo is a spineless, no-personality PR product.

No she has class!

And the constant gutter-sniping of Kangana confirms she is queen of self-delusion.

Don't care for Alia myself and GB is Ranveer's movie,but why is Kangana always so petty about everybody and everything ? Kangana needs to realize that there's a difference between nastiness and being truthful .

Alia is so classy and dignified!Kangna has lost the plot

Ms. Bhatt is sensible and smart by not feeding the conflicts. Ms. Ranaut is never happy with what she has, instead of appreciating it she seeks to hurt others.

This short below average man alia should be beaten to death

Such brainless one comment child like you should go to school

I love Kangana but seriously, you need to relax. Alia doesn’t deserve to be beaten to death. Have you lost your marbles?

Alia stop with all these self praising positive comments here.Sach to sach hai that yoy are a medicore talentless nepo kalank to bollywood

very well said.Kangana is the only one who can show theae talentless nepo kalanks their aukaat .

Hahahaha.Very well said kangana.What is there to beat a medicore acting like alia who is always acting the same.Groom me well and i can look and act better thab that short below average man alia

so what happened about the whole "woman supporting woman" thing? Kangana is feminist only when it is convenient to her. Alia may look average and not talented than Kangana, but I have never seen Alia claiming herself a good actress, so why she keeps being nasty towards her. If her directors are happy with her act, if her movie is making money that is not her fault. Kjo is making films with her because she is bankable. Nobody put him a gun point to cast Alia in movies.He did that for Siddharth Malhotra also, but his movies failed time and again and eventually Kjo stopped giving his big budget films. At the end of the day he is a producer and he can't afford to keep giving roles to his own kids if their film do not work. also Alia is neither the first nepo kid in the industry, nor the last. Yash Chopra wasted money by casting Uday in many movies, but eventually he gave up because he wasn't bankable. If Alia has to fade away, she will, but keep attacking her constantly is not cool.

To the poster below, what’s Bebo’s aukaad? She’s a loud mouth uneducated shrew who took potshots at EVERYONE when she started. Pot calling the kettle black much? At least Kangana has genuine talent to back it up, not one Jab We Met in twenty years.

alia ki bolti ban karadi kanagana ne... infact she is the only current star who has stood up and called out nepotism and overservice of mediocre talent!
alia and the slaves of nepotism are just saying classy blah blah to save face. you go kangana!

Kangana you can be the most talented actress to exist in the history of mankind but with an attitude like that noone is going to want to work or associate with you.

How pitiful of Alia. It is sick to hear her speak so spinelessly our in the open. She literally took female actors back by a decade with her nonsense.

To be honest Alia is a good actress not great but she is doing great variation of roles. She may have entered the film industry because of her father but you can't keep giving credit of success of last 7 years to karan and Bahesh Batt.
There are hundred of star kids who have entered film industry but hasn't able to be successful. I think after 7 years she has proven herself and no need to keep judging her.

Most of her films are produced by KJO. Her PR strategy, magazine covers, link-ups - do you not see KJO's fingerprints all over? She is talented, controlled but without KJO she wouldn't have half the films she does.

Kangana praised Alia performance in Raazi n now calls her mediocre? Nice dig by Alia lol

Her personality is so fake, she looks down on others and make fun normally, remember how she answered when a journalist asked her why kat did not like her insta pics, she made fun of her knowing well what she has happy kangana is giving it to her because no one else will dare to do that, everyone is forced and pretend to be cordial with her because of the benefits karan might give them later but everyone knows she is hyped for nothing, she is strictly okay as an actress and below average in looks.

Okay Kangana, you may not be as lucky as Alia because she is getting anything and everything without being asked for it, true she is a mediocre actress but she still has the power to bring a certain amount of audience together to get noticed….and that’s why audience still buying whatever she is selling, even if it’s crap..they enjoy her crap..unfortunately you Kangana don't have that...list how many flops you have over the years compared to Alia....if you were such a powerful actress you would have managed to bring your own audience together.. Myself and I am sure so many people would agree with me that you are not such a great actress that you claimed to are probably a tad better than Alia but that doesn't make you madhuri, sridevi or even rani mukherjee or kareena kapoor for that matter..recently she praised kareena about something, well, kareena again a nepokid..and many people agree that she can act….if you are good enough people would still buy your stuff…you don’t have to use every interview and blame every other actor to say good things about your movie. Blame it on the audience for not watching your awful movies and that includes manikarnika.

What an idiotic comment... Every1 knows who pulled the audience in their last outing single handedly

Alia can never give a hit on her own merit, her movies have done well because of Randeep, Ranveer, Vicky ..she can never do a QUEEN or manikarnika or fashion.We saw her lack of versitality in the kalank song.

People have to realise if it's not up to the standard say it don't just say chalega that is what i hear from most Indians even in day to day life. Learn to say not good enough! Good KR it was an ok work by Alia in GB!

She worked hard for roles which nepo baap give her on a silver plate.lmao, then how much hardworker outsider should do or newcomer and no matter what there will be an alia bhatt to block their way.Shame on bollywood and indians, to keep promoting below average products like her and deserving people never get their due.

Kangana jelaous of Alia? Oh please it makes me laugh so hard! Kangana has everything and is the only one who dare to say true unlike nepo kids. I respect her a lot. She is way talanted than Alia

Kangana has everything, that has to be the biggest joke. She may have money and talent but she is someone deeply insecure and need to constantly put everyone down to feel good about themselves. She is jealous of Alia just for the reason that it was easy for Alia to enter the film industry and her family was with her every step. Unlike Kangana she didn't need to sleep with every man and be in relationship with a married man to get films. She is jealous of Alia because she has her family and great support network around he while Kangana is alone

Kangana is taking dig because when her film was releasing alia's sister promoted that director who did spread negativity.. That horse video is released by KJO gang, ranbir kapoor they all did lot of negative PR internally.. That's why she's now taking dig publicly...well it's not just a dig but the fact.. Alia is mediocre actor, average looking overated, over hyped star kid of this decade..

This is how u respond to foul mouthed and jealous people.Thats class which kangana unfortunely cant buy u buy ur paid bots on social media.

That’s not class but a well written response by KJO which his puppet memorized and delivered lol

Yes like Alia buys or rather gets gifted awards and movies. She is the shallow and jealous one not Kangana. We all know how she gets movies. Kangana has her own individuality unlike the puppet.

Alia is mediocre. But for Indian audience she is perfect.

Alia's stardom seems to be bothering Kangana big time.

Lol papa Kjo is making her get good films of big directors and bought filmfare awards for her than she think of herself next kajool and maduri and priyanka of Bollywood!!

What Raazi ?.....Her crying scene was so bad....It reminded me of udta Punjab....She is new so she is passed for her repititive acting.....Soon audience with get bored of her same laughing and crying in each film and same loud mouth girl.

Way to go Alia! This is how mature actresses should react. Kangana should learn a thing or two from Alia. Instead of criticising and talking about everyone, she should focus on her work and let it speak for itself.

Alia deserves appreciation because she is a superstar. I appreciate alia because she is the biggest female star today.She is the only woman whose women centric small budget flick took 10 cr opening. Most of the A list actress would have struggled hard to give the film 5 cr opening. Her stardom and youth appeal deserves applause and she is like female khan of Bollywood. But when it comes to acting, I disagree that she is a great actress that the industry and critics makes her seems. Stardom had got nothing to do with acting. For instance Katrina Kaif's reign between 2007-14 or Salman khan for that matter.

Alia and superstar? Superstars are not strategically placed among other supeorstars. Superstars don't need daddies and a boyfriend to boast. Superstars are chosen after cut throat compitition with other stars. forget about the cut throat competition tell us who and where are Alia's competitives? Audience don't have a choice.

That's why I like kareena the most. The woman speaks her mind out. She would have shown kangana her aukad. Girls like Katrina and alia are fake and pretend to be dignified giving boring lectures. Deepika on the other hand pretends to be dignified infront of media but attacks her enemy with her pr and depression stories.

True... Kangana knows that hence she doesn't take pangs with Kareena.... ha ha...

Kareena’s also changed. She used to be very outspoken.

one person's outspoken is another's bitchy. one lives & hopefully, learns.

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