Did Deepika Padukone just diss Salman Khan for referring depression as a 'luxury'?

3 years ago  |  6.1M

Deepika Padukone is amongst the few celebrities to have opened up about mental health issues. A flagbearer in opening up the discussion on mental health, Deepika was recently in the capital city to launch a study titled How India Perceives Mental Health. 

While speaking about the stigmas attached to depression, Deepika during a panel discussion cited that it is important to break the myth that depression is a luxury that only wealthy people can have. She said, "When we were talking about more celebrities coming out, there is also a misconception that depression happens to people who are successful. I want to clarify that it can happen to anybody from any field, irrespective of their socio-economic background. Depression is sometimes perceived as a luxury. People think that those who have too much time or money get into depression. I think it is very important to break that myth.”

It was only recently that superstar Salman Khan during a conversation had said, "I see a lot of people going on vacations, but I cannot afford that luxury of taking a vacation. I see a lot of people getting depressed and emotional, but I can’t afford that luxury of being depressed or sad or emotional because no matter what I am going through, it works against me."

This statement by Khan had created a huge furore with people slamming him for referring depression as a "luxury". 

And with her latest statement, it seems Deepika has hit out on Salman as well. 

What are your views on this? Let us know in the comments below. 


Anonymous : Are they working in a movie?
REPLY 1 3 years ago
Anonymous : There's no issue, they're are friends n cordial to each other.pv post.dont be biased
REPLY 3 3 years ago
Anonymous : They look very cute in the pic
REPLY 3 3 years ago
Anonymous : There's nothing, they are friendly
REPLY 3 3 years ago
Anonymous : Part of is kind of movies you are working on for long time, she is bound to feel this way after hanging out in sets of "padmavati" for long time and playing that character. Do some totally different stupid kind character movie.
REPLY 2 3 years ago
Anonymous : Good for her!!! Salman can make some very ignorant comments!
REPLY 17 3 years ago
Anonymous : He was just giving his own opinion on the subject,he was not talking about her.why mixing two statements given on two different events? There's no big deal
REPLY 3 3 years ago
Anonymous : salman khan's a douchebag. period.
REPLY 18 3 years ago
Anonymous : Aww they look cute !
REPLY 3 3 years ago
Anonymous : There's is nothing.they are friendly to each other
REPLY 8 3 years ago
Anonymous : Hahaha.she didn't even mentioned his name, don't know what is this fuss about...?
REPLY 6 3 years ago
Anonymous : Its a nice pic
REPLY 5 3 years ago
Anonymous : Luv u Dipu n respect the gud work u do. Wud luv to see u n Salman together in a movie..
REPLY 5 3 years ago
Anonymous : DP trying to subtly take a dig. She really thinks she is the best and dislikes anyone that doesn't praise her. I can see she is two faced.. hope many will see through this veil of confusion she has cast over you... Best wishes until then to everyone.
REPLY 5 3 years ago
Anonymous : Deepika >>> Salman . Period
REPLY 21 3 years ago
Anonymous : They look cute together.
REPLY 2 3 years ago
Anonymous : This is the same guy who went on a pity parade about his break ups n legal troubles despite being an absolute asshole. He had some lame excuse for every horrible thing he'd done be it to his ex-gfs or others. Put him in the prison for his crimes and find out his thoughts about depression. He sure does have a luxury to be a dickhead.
REPLY 71 3 years ago
Anonymous : Last line - super!
REPLY 16 3 years ago
Anonymous : What Salman Khan actually meant was that he is so neck deep in work and engagements he cannot sit and gloat about the setbacks if any in his life.becsuse even the docs say to keep oneself busy with new pursuits if they suspect depression.
REPLY 36 3 years ago
Anonymous : DP thinks it is fashionable to talk about depression. Why not talk about more common illnesses?
REPLY 20 3 years ago
Anonymous : I agree with Salman. Even if u get depressed why make such big deal? See doctor get get fixed
REPLY 16 3 years ago
Anonymous : Salman often says the dumbest things "in his opinion".
REPLY 51 3 years ago
Anonymous : Who is trying to put deepika against salman? Someone who’s scared she’ll be offered a role they want? this is too obvious
REPLY 54 3 years ago
Anonymous : DP has no movies right now, you might be right, someone might be scared she'll sign something they want. PC is supposedly signing his next movie, but I don't think PC would attack DP though, she always comes out on top when pitted against Deepika, but Katrina probably doesn't want Deepika working with Salman... it would be definite blockbuster just because people like new pairings and they both have big fanbases... Katrina likes being known as Salman's girl. Would be great to see SRK-Katrina and Salman-Deepika pitted against each other.
REPLY 25 3 years ago
Anonymous : Salman will not work with DP.. so not gonna happen. He favors others. Like Jacqueline, Kat, Sonam, Daisy..darn, even Anushka...but not dp.
REPLY 14 3 years ago
Anonymous : I dont have the luxury of running over people and getting away with it ... i am depressed!
REPLY 79 3 years ago
Anonymous : Salman is probably just too strong mentally and have massive family support to not experience depression even after going through so much obstacle in life. People deal with loss, stress differently. Salman is able to stay strong but its true many people can't handle it and break down. Salman was only giving his perspective, not being a spokesperson on any medical condition.
REPLY 47 3 years ago
Anonymous : this photo is cute
REPLY 31 3 years ago
Anonymous : they are both entitled to their opinions. They're both right in their own ways
REPLY 53 3 years ago
Anonymous : Deepika was spreading awareness not commenting on any star.why don't u appreciate anyone's good work.so much negativity. U earn ur living out of these stars so be kind to them.
REPLY 74 3 years ago
Anonymous : Salman is a baby
REPLY 30 3 years ago
Anonymous : Personally I think shade and digs are cooked by third parties who want trouble. Just chill, OK. Salman prob just means frivolous whiners who do not work hard to stay alive, he does not mean to insult Deepika.
REPLY 65 3 years ago
Anonymous : I don't think she's taking any dig at anyone
REPLY 67 3 years ago
Anonymous : Salman khan should not make fun of things he doesn't know about
REPLY 63 3 years ago
Anonymous : Salman more often than not, talk nonsense.....
REPLY 88 3 years ago
Anonymous : No,I don't agree,he gives his opinion as he feels,it doesn't mean people have to agree with it, everyone has their own opinion
REPLY 20 3 years ago
Anonymous : If you can't appreciate any one good work so have some shame not to point fingers at them. DP is not a sly to take digs at Salman or anyone.
REPLY 56 3 years ago