EXCLUSIVE: 5 Ways to fight your fears by an expert

Updated on Sep 29, 2021 09:11 AM IST  |  71.3K
Ways to fight your fear
Expert lists ways that will help you fight your fears

Remember how we used to run back to our rooms at a jet’s speed after switching off the living room’s right? Of course, you do. And most of us might be doing it till date. But is it unexplained? It’s not, it’s just out of our fear of the darkness and the imaginary ghost that lives in it and will be out to catch us.

This is not all. There are many other situations that make us equally paranoid, if not more. And most of the time, will do nothing about them, but to learn to live with it. However, in some cases, they may considerably increase, and if not controlled, it can also hamper our quality of life.

“Fear is an emotion that is triggered with the threat of harm - real or imaginary. In moderation, it helps us to cope with potential danger. However, if the frequency or the intensity of the fear is paralyzing in impact, it needs to be managed effectively,” says Dr. Chandni Tugnait, MD (A.M) Psychotherapist, Life Alchemist, Founder & Director, Gateway of Healing.

Sometimes a fear can be classified as a phobia, too. “A phobia is an intense fear of something that poses little or no actual danger. This may be followed by the person either avoiding the object/situation entirely, or endured with dread and severe distress even at the thought of it,” says Tugnait.


However, avoiding fear only leads to anxiety and discomfort. “Common fears prevalent are triggered by height, flying, death/dying, darkness, social interaction, rodents, etc.,” mentions Tugnait.

Here she lists 5 ways in which one can tackle their fears in general. However, if the fear is out of some severe phobia, it is always better to consult a professional first.

Face your fears

You can't get rid of what you're afraid of, unless you face it head-on. Remember, that things rarely turn out as bad as you imagine they would, when faced with difficult situations. Whether they involve spiders, crowds, heights, flying, etc., acknowledge them & conquer them one at a time, by collapsing the assumptions, over thinking, conclusions and past points of reference around it.


Think positive and cultivate empowering habits

A lot of your fears are just exaggerated thoughts that spiral out of control in your mind. Negative thoughts lead to negative actions which then prompt negative results. So, develop positive thoughts and habits that will empower you to accomplish more and boost your confidence!

Personify the fear

Personification of fear helps separate one's own thoughts from the ones the fear creates. You can give it a name or picture what it looks like to make it lighter (ensure you don’t see it as a monster or something scary), such that you know you can overcome it. This helps in processing it better.


Practice brain dumping

Brain dumping is a great coping skill. Take a journal and jot down all your thoughts, fears and feelings. Allow it to be a free-flow of thoughts on paper. This helps in decluttering the mind and curbs overthinking while enabling the processing of fearful thoughts.

Seek support from an expert

Being alone with the fears only adds to the anxiety you feel when confronting them. Share with your friends and family. Having someone there for support is a great way to lessen any fear or doubt that may be holding you back from trying new things. Do not hesitate to seek support from an expert in case you are unable to manage the fears on your own.

A piece of advice. “Don't allow fear to immobilise you. A fear is just a fear and it shouldn’t define you. Isolating self or running away from the fears won’t help; accepting and managing them, will,” concludes Tugnait.

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