3 Things girls should look out for in their partner before getting married

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3 Things girls should look out for in their partner before getting married

Killer looks, dashing personality, and nothing less than a six-feet height, is often the criteria that many of us follow while looking for an eligible bachelor. Add to it, chivalry, and you have got the perfect match.

However, did anyone have the time to reflect upon this selection criteria, and ask themselves if this is all that matters in the end? Some will say yes, and others no.

Not to mention, a particular set of looks can be somebody’s criteria for looking for a suitable match, and we are not here to judge anyone based on that, but here are a few things that a girl should look out for in her partner before tying the knot.

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The way he behaves with your parents

Yes, you love him with all your heart, and he loves you back equally, if not more, but the way he treats and behaves with your parents is important, too. If you man has already started calling your parents as mom and dad, you know he has accepted them wholeheartedly. If he, on the other hand, always nit-picks about what your mother said, or how your father acted, there’s something wrong about it, and you need to address it sooner than later. Why? Because if your man can’t respect your parents, there are high chances that you, too, may become a victim of his rude and selfish behaviour in future.

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How concerned is he about your wishes?

By wishes we don’t mean Gucci or LV bags, and a Maldives trip. It is simply about the tiniest things you want in life, take for example, his time. If he respects your wishes, and say, if he comes home early just because you have been waiting to talk to him, it symbolises his care and affection for you. He is concerned about you, and you should never let go of him.

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He motivates you to become a better version

There’s a thin line between motivating to become better, and finding flaws, and you should not mistake the two. If your partner tells you that you should drink more water, and take care of yourself, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he is losing interest in you. It reflects his care and love. If he motivates you to go to work, or do whatever you want, you know he is the one. If his talks are about him seeing your future with him, and not you doing the dishes, or taking care of his house, it does mean you two will be better off together.

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